Hillary Clinton Goes After Lindsey Graham

Hillary Clinton continues to give various interviews that many Americans would be very happy not to hear. Time and time again, Clinton’s remarks come off as out of touch and tone deaf.

One clear example of this arrived when the former secretary of state admonished Americans who are giving Joe Biden low approval ratings.

As crime, inflation, border security, and foreign policy worsen under the Biden administration, Clinton believes we should all be thankful.

Recently, some talk emerged about Clinton potentially running for the White House again after two failed campaigns.

Though while the former secretary of state denies that she plans to run, she is using interviews and social media to rip into Republicans yet again, as reported by Washington Examiner.

New Remarks on MSNBC

During an MSNBC interview earlier this week, Clinton questioned whether or not Americans are fully comprehending what all is at risk amid the upcoming midterms. Of course, Clinton said this with the premise that Americans should vote for Democrats in order to save the country.

This is when Clinton went after South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham. Clinton admonished the Republican lawmaker for tying himself to the “Trump cult” in the aftermath of the 2016 presidential election.

In making this comment, Clinton was clearly referencing Graham’s 2016 efforts to win the GOP presidential nomination. Following this, the South Carolina senator went on to become a huge supporter of Trump and his agenda.

Later on MSNBC, Clinton proceeded to attack Republicans on crime and a variety of other issues. On the former secretary of state’s social media accounts, she’s also been going after Republicans.

What Clinton Doesn’t Understand

Despite the talking points from the former Secretary of State on MSNBC, Republicans are ahead of Democrats in multiple elections nationwide. Furthermore, Independents are also aligning with GOP members far more than Democratic ones.

Additional polling shows when it comes to the economy, crime, and gas prices, once again, the American people trust Republicans over Democrats.

Clinton can go after Republicans all she wants, but what she’s missing is there’s a reason why Democrats are trailing GOP members on top-of-mind issues for voters.

Democrats control both congressional chambers and the White House; yet, the United States remains in shambles. Arguing that this party should remain in power after all the damage done is madness to many voters.

There is no doubt that after the midterms end with GOP wins, Hillary Clinton and others like her will be scratching their heads and wondering what happened, rather than reflecting on the failed policies of their own party.

What do you make of Hillary Clinton’s latest talking points against Republicans? You are more than welcome to use the comments section below as your sounding board.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.