High School Classroom Redecorated Into Nightclub By LGBT Professor

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Saying that education has reached a turning point would be an understatement.

We’ve reached the point in time when literature and science are no longer the focal points of academic practice, but rather ideologies and most importantly, politics.

Critical race theory and the gender identity movement have managed to work their way into the US educational system with the help of the virtue-signaling left; teachers are already starting to abuse the power they were given.

“lgbt flag” by Stock Catalog

Trans agenda continues to pop up in schools

It started with sharing their “classroom projects” on the internet for social media clout all the way to teachers indoctrinating their students into the trans community the moment they suspect a child might be ripe for the picking.

One such “educator” popped up on the LibsOfTikTok Twitter profile. A video of Bryan Bone, known by his stage name Miss Gina Tonic, shows him covered in sequins parading around his “decorated” classroom.

If you might be wondering where this stage name comes from, Bryan is a very influential member of the local LGBTQ community, contributing to parades and rallies with his “performance” in drag.

The bio on his website claims him to be a teacher dedicated to being a role model to his students at Richmond, B.C. His main goal is providing inclusive opportunities and safe spaces for the school’s LGBTQ youth.

Drag shows in high school classrooms

The word “groomer” never fits better for a person, even more so considering that Bryan was appointed as the school’s Sexual Orientation Gender Identity counselor.

This means that he’s got some prime-time access to the insecure youth.

What’s more, Bryan shared dozens of his queer escapades with his students during what he calls “Drag Queen Story Time.”

This, more often than not, also included literature on the matter, riddled with a slew of self-insert characters. Despite the fact this horror story is unfolding in Canada, the US isn’t far off either.

We’ve seen countless Pride and Drag Show events hosted under the branding of “family-friendly,” as well as the concerningly high number of teachers indoctrinating students into their local LGBT communities without informing the parents.

In the end, we might just have to rename the entire concept of schools, given they’ve devolved into institutions that teach ideologies and far-left narratives, rather than something our nation’s youth might actually need in their future.

If our educational system is left to the devices of the woke mob, there’s no telling what’s coming around the corner.

Although it’s pretty hard to beat “high school night club” as a headline, rest assured, the left’s ability to surpass “peak woke” is unprecedented.

Advocates of educating children at home are becoming more and more vocal, and rightly so.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.