Here’s Why Dr. Fauci is SHAKING as Midterms Approach

Dr. Tony Fauci is a man who we would all love to forget. Yet, he locked America down for two years and lied to two presidents in order to hide, distort, and manipulate our country over COVID.

Now, he needs to pay a price for that.

The Democrats clearly aren’t going to do anything, but there are still some members of the GOP who want to see Fauci held accountable. He knows justice is coming, and he’s getting scared.

Fauci Panics as Midterms Approach

The midterm elections are coming up; Republicans are polling at the highest support since the 1980s and the Reagan revolution. People want conservatives back in power and the left has lost a huge amount of support.

You don’t force masks on people, shut down their businesses, and lie to them about a virus and a vaccine without facing some consequences.

Speaking recently to Jeff Bezos’ Washington Post, Fauci said a Republican-controlled Congress will be a nightmare and become just like “the Benghazi hearings.”

The Benghazi hearings didn’t even result in charges for the corrupt Obama regime, despite proving Obama and his cronies left Americans to die, then tried to blame it on a random video.

They knew the video wasn’t the cause and appeared to have advance warning of the attacks. That is why we say to never forget Benghazi because it showed the Democrats really do not have our backs.

Fauci Whines About Getting ‘Beat Up’

After doing nothing to stop COVID, and having his emails exposed that tried to cover up the truth about the virus, Fauci now told the Post he’s scared a conservative Congress will try to “beat [him] up” and get in the way of his work.

Considering his work ended up funding gain-of-function research that contributed to millions of deaths, maybe getting in the way of Fauci’s work is a good thing.

Of course, the lying mainstream media nobody reads can serve as a platform for Fauci and his messaging to a few Democrat staffers who read the Post, but for the rest of us, the reaction is disbelief. How naive does this man think we all are?

The only powerful people who seem to really believe in Fauci anymore are Biden regime insiders. He definitely still has the ear of POTUS and continues to serve as his chief medical adviser.

That’s one issue that could potentially be fixed as well from a new bill by Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky. This bill would erase the position of director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and automatically leave Fauci without a job.

The Bottom Line

Fauci has complained about “conspiracies” taking up his time and distracting him from fighting the disease.

Maybe he should spend more time worrying about his legal defense because a red wave is coming.