Health Crisis Hits El Paso as Migrants Continue Flowing

Officers from the El Paso Police Department warned Republican Congressman Tony Gonzales that illegal aliens setting up camp in the city have tested positive for a number of highly contagious illnesses.

Gonzales sent out a tweet to his followers, warning them of the dangers that may lie ahead for the city of El Paso and possibly the rest of the US. He was explaining just how difficult the city’s police have it, seeing as the border is practically right around the corner.

We may be in for another COVID-19 crisis as illegal migrants continue flowing in

According to the congressman, he’s been told by police officers to stay away from the city unless he absolutely needs to go there. He refused their advice in order to see the state of affairs with his own eyes.

El Paso is currently not a sight for the faint of heart; the city has become a shell of what it was before, with the streets filled with litter and campsites from illegal aliens.

Scabies, measles, and bedbugs, including hundreds of cases of COVID-19 have been detected. Anyone who’s kept track of how lightning-fast COVID can spread will tell you we’ve definitely got a crisis on our hands.

Despite all of this, city officials have refused to admit there’s been an outbreak, claiming the communities don’t need to panic and the situation is being dealt with as we speak.

Just a few more days of Title 42

However, that’s far from the truth. One can’t expect the police to deal with thousands of illegal migrants, instead of protecting the citizens of El Paso from crime.

That being said, with the illegal alien numbers going up, crime rates are also expected to follow. Communities with large quantities of migrants camping out in the streets tend to report more encounters with violent individuals.

Border states have been dealing with this problem for a while. It’s not uncommon to see that an illegal alien attacked a US citizen, unprovoked, which only became more frequent as Biden became the one tasked with running this country.


Cities like El Paso already have a problem dealing with so many illegal immigrants.

If things get worse, no amount of federal funding will be able to save border states from the massive amount of criminals who will undoubtedly abuse Joe’s open-border policies.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.