Head RINO McConnell Finally Shows His True, Treasonous Face

President Trump has commented about Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell on numerous occasions. He’s called him stupid, fake, and weak multiple times, including naming him a “son of a b***ch.”

All four descriptions are absolutely correct. Let’s also be clear, here; McConnell is an old friend of Joe Biden and married to Elaine Chao, whose family has close ties to the Chinese communist government.

Recently, McConnell helped the Senate pass Biden’s $1.2 trillion fake infrastructure bill that’s full of things about gender, forced Green New Deal policies, and pushing electric vehicles.

McConnell said that far from being a compromise to move forward, his vote for Biden’s Build Back Better communism was something he’s “delighted” about. Yes, McConnell actually said that.

McConnell Shows His True Face

McConnell made sure this behemoth spending bill got through the Senate and he backed his old buddy Biden. However, while the two of them can bond over memory loss and what kind of adult diapers they use, the rest of us have to live with the consequences of their communism.

As President Trump said in response to McConnell’s treason, the “victory” RINOs just handed Biden on his “non-infrastructure” spending bill is “very sad.” As Trump observed, only about 11% of the funding in this bill actually improves our nation’s roads, bridges, and infrastructure.

The rest is just a handout to Democrat donors, green energy spending projects, and trying to create a culturally communist United States. You know what? Trump is entirely right. It is very sad.

The Republican Party used to actually stand for something and have a backbone. Now, it’s a lapdog for the globalist Democrats.

Now that this bill is through, how long until the $1.9 trillion bill gets pushed through again? McConnell is an accomplice to the globalist takeover of America and there’s no way to sugar-coat that fact.

Here’s Why This is No Surprise

The truth is this attitude from McConnell is no surprise. He’s an old-time political insider who cares more about his country club buddies than the United States.

His pockets are so stuffed with donor cash that he literally looks like a bloated rhino. It’s ironic that he is, in every way, a Republican in Name Only (RINO).

He never supported Trump or the MAGA movement. McConnell never supported breaking away from the corrupt two-party liberal system. He never supported making America truly great again.

McConnell’s made it clear he doesn’t care about fraud in the 2020 election and believes Trump is guilty of getting people to rebel against the government.

McConnell wants to keep the political machine well-greased and humming along as inflation increases, COVID increases, and businesses continue to suffer.

Short version: he’s not on our side.

What a shame.