Head of Trucker Freedom Convoy Arrested by Cops

Canada’s freedom trucker convoy went from the west of the country to the east.

Truckers and their supporters then gathered in the downtown of the capital of Ottawa. They celebrated, rallied, and protested against Justin Trudeau’s government and its COVID tyranny.

Trudeau panicked and went into hiding, claiming to have COVID. He threatened the truckers, called them racists, and began plotting how to get rid of them.

It turned out to be difficult; other protests sprang up, including a protest blocking the main trade bridge between Windsor and Detroit. There was also a blockade of the border crossing in Western Canada between Alberta and Montana.

Trudeau was furious and pushed through the Emergencies Act, imposing martial law on Canada. Now, that law is having its intended effect, as our northern Cuba descends into full communism.

Freedom Convoy Organizer Cuffed and Jailed

The freedom convoy in Canada had a few key organizers. One of them is a lady by the name of Tamara Lich. Under Trudeau’s martial law, cops descended on her and cuffed her to take her to jail.

It’s unclear what the charges are, but presumably some will be trumped up and faked in order to get her in as much trouble as possible. That’s what tends to happen in a communist banana republic like Canada.

A video of Lich’s arrest shows her calmly, quickly accepting the arrest and being civil with the officers. They then quickly escort her to a waiting vehicle.

Lich posted on social media beforehand that she believed she would soon be arrested, due to her involvement in organizing the convoy. She said in her post she’s “not afraid” and her fellow truckers yelled “hold the line” as she was led off.

Canada’s New Reality

Martial law went into effect immediately on February 14 when Trudeau announced it. However, it must be ratified by Canada’s House and Senate within a week in order to be continued.

The House is controlled by leftists who will vote in favor of Trudeau’s dictatorial power, but the Senate has a closer balance and is likely to strike down the law.

For this reason, some in the freedom convoy say this is all just an attempt to scare the truckers away and ruin as many lives as possible before martial law expires on February 21.

Fellow freedom convoy organizer Chris Barber also got cuffed and taken to jail at the same time as Lich. A bigger crackdown on the truckers is coming soon, according to Ottawa cops, but many truckers are still staying.

They know backing down now is exactly what Trudeau wants, and that arresting their leaders is all part of the psychological warfare being waged by this tyrannical leftist junta.