Governor DeSantis Determines NHL Unwelcome in Florida?

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis condemned the National Hockey League (NHL) on Friday, taking issue with a job posting that he determined to be discriminatory.

The post in question asked for “diverse” candidates and was promoting the NHL’s first-time-ever launching of the Pathway to Hockey Summit at an All-Star event in South Florida during 2023. 

NHL Reversed Plans for Job Fair

On February 2, the National Hockey League opened its doors to aspiring professionals from a variety of backgrounds with their ‘Pathway to Hockey Summit.’

It is a unique event dedicated to helping diverse job seekers break into hockey management careers and increase opportunities for people traditionally underrepresented in the sport.

The exclusive event was designed to honor and empower members of “underrepresented” communities in the US, inviting those aged 18 and over who identify as Indigenous LGBTQIA+, Black, Hispanic or Latino, Asian or Pacific Islander, female, or a person with a disability.

However, NHL had to reverse their plans for a job fair in Fort Lauderdale after Governor Ron DeSantis accused them of taking an ‘unacceptable’ stance on discrimination.

Inadvertently, the league’s initial advertisement excluded certain groups from applying – prompting swift disapproval and criticism from Floridian officials. The state of Florida is taking a hard stance against discrimination in the workplace.

This is seen as a major win, not just for those searching for meaningful employment within the realm of professional sports, but for furthering equality and inclusion throughout society at large.

Bryan Griffin, the spokesperson for Governor Ron DeSantis, released a statement denouncing “discriminatory prohibitions” and demanding the offending league remove them immediately.

In response to this event, Gov. DeSantis pledged to make sure discriminatory job postings have no place in his state going forward. In a bold stance against discrimination, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis made it clear that his office does not accept any form of bias.

DeSantis Denounces “Woke” Ideology as Promoting Injustice

The governor’s statement denounces “woke” ideology as promoting prejudice and vows to fight unfairness in all aspects of society. The governor made it clear that no group should be treated differently based on political beliefs, advocating for equal rights across the board.

His firm message is welcomed by many Floridians across party lines as they continue their efforts toward equality and justice within their state’s borders.

On Friday night, the NHL answered by deleting an event posting from its official LinkedIn page. In response to public inquiries, they stated the open-invite gathering is available to anyone 18 and older.  

In a statement released to Fox News, the NHL emphasized its recently-announced “Pathway to Hockey Summit” is open for all individuals interested in pursuing a career within hockey.

Contrary to previous reports on LinkedIn, this event aims specifically at making those unfamiliar with the sport aware of opportunities and jobs available within professional ice hockey.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.