GOP to Punish FBI as Deadline for Biden Corruption Document Expires

The House GOP majority is set to take strong action against the FBI’s leadership.

This comes after the feds refused bluntly to provide the House Oversight Committee with a subpoenaed document implicating President Joe “Multiple Scandals” Biden in high-level corruption and bribery.

FBI Seems to Be Hiding Biden Bribery Secrets

The scandalous revelations surrounding the Biden family – including not only Sleepy Joe and his prodigal First Son Hunter – but also other relatives – have been stunning.

The leaks from Hunter Biden’s infamous “laptop from hell” show his foreign business ventures received big cash from murky entities and persons from Communist China and Putin’s Russia.

FBI papers made available to US Senator Chuck Grassley confirmed those revelations.

Of particular interest is an informant’s report claiming that Empty Shelves Joe was involved in a major bribery scheme during his time as Barack Obama’s veep – an FD-1023 form – and that has been subpoenaed by Rep. James Comer (R-KY), the chairman of the House Oversight Committee.

Comer was alerted about the existence of the document by Senator Grassley (R-IA), both of them believing it shows Biden got cash in exchange for US policy decisions.

Comer had given the FBI’s director, Christopher Wray, until Tuesday to give up the informant record. That deadline expired without the agency’s compliance, The Western Journal reports.

FBI Will Be Held in Contempt of Congress

On Wednesday, the two GOP congressional leaders, Comer and Grassley, are set to have a call with Wray. They are set to discuss the FBI’s failure to comply with the subpoena. However, it is not expected to help convince the feds to provide the wanted document, the report notes.

Comer declared the FBI’s actions to be “obstructionist” in a release posted on the website of his committee. What’s more, however, he vowed the House Oversight Committee would start proceedings to hold Wray and the FBI in contempt of the United States Congress.

Comer and Grassley also sent a letter to Biden’s Attorney General, Merrick Garland, explaining the entire issue – although it is only natural they can expect no help from the latter.

Grassley insisted the FBI is perfectly aware of which particular document has been subpoenaed. Comer insisted on Americans’ right to know whether the FBI did anything at all to investigate the claims in the respective record.