GOP States to Deal Big Blow to Voter Data Group Tied to Soros, Zuckerberg

The voter data-sharing nonprofit group called ERIC (Electronic Registration Information Center), has ties to billionaires Mark Zuckerberg and George Soros. ERIC is bound to suffer a major blow as Texas, Alaska, and five other Republican-led states are preparing to leave it.

Far Left Increasingly Dominating Voter Fraud Nonprofit

ERIC was founded in 2012 by seven states. It grew to 31 states by 2020. It is supposed to help fight election fraud by identifying duplicate voting in different states.

However, the non-profit, which relies on data from state agencies dealing with voter registration and motor vehicle registration, seems to have come increasingly under the influence of leftists, prompting GOP-led states to either leave it or consider doing so.

Thus, ERIC was abandoned by two Republican-led states. Five more, Texas included, are expected to do so by the end of June 2023, Just the News reported.

ERIC was established by David Becker, the founder of CEIR (Center for Election Innovation and Research).

In 2020, CEIR got almost $70 million in funding from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative of Meta’s founder Mark Zuckerberg. It also claimed the 2020 election was somehow “the most secure” vote in US history.

GOP States Lining Up to Quit ERIC

Worried over partisan influence within ERIC and other problematic factors inside the nonprofit, the secretaries of states for seven GOP-led states moved to withdraw from it.

Thus, Alabama and Louisiana left last year; now, Florida, Missouri, Iowa, West Virginia, and Ohio will do so by end of June. Texas and Alaska are also considering quitting the increasingly questionable organization.

Last week, the Elections Committee of the state House of Representatives held a hearing on draft legislation for the ERIC withdrawal. The state Senate has already approved its version of the bill.

At the same time, Virginia might become the 10th state to quit Eric, after the Republican Committee of Loudoun County, called upon state officials, including GOP Governor Glenn Youngkin, to quit ERIC.

A day earlier, the conservative Heritage Foundation released a report explaining various issues with ERIC. A 2022 report by The New York Times said ERIC received money from the Pew Charitable Trusts, which has taken donations from George Soros.