GOP Goes After Pfizer After COVID Mutation Revelations

Republican Senator Marco Rubio of Florida has demanded that Pfizer answer questions after a company executive was videotaped, by conservative action group Project Veritas, saying it was “mutating” the coronavirus.

Pfizer’s ‘Mutating F***ing Viruses’

Rubio’s reaction comes after, at the end of last week, Project Veritas published videos showing a secretly videotaped conversation with Jordon Trishton Walker.

Walker is a director of research and development at Pfizer, head of mRNA scientific planning and strategic operations, and mRNA scientific planning.

A chuckling and seemingly morally challenged Walker admitted before a fake date that Pfizer kept causing mutations to the COVID viruses, supposedly to be able to predict how they would evolve in “nature” and prepare vaccines in advance.

In the conversation, the executive also makes it clear that Pfizer and other Big Pharma companies enjoy huge influence over US government regulators because US officials come to work for them after quitting their government jobs.

Walker admitted that Pfizer’s independent “mutation” of the coronavirus created a “risk,” and nobody would like to learn a pharmaceutical company was “mutating f***ing viruses.”

According to the executive, however, his corporation is already infecting monkeys with COVID-19 subvariants, then making them infect each other in order to collect the data.

He also said the coronavirus seems to have emerged in a laboratory in Wuhan, China and could not have “popped out of nowhere.”

A subsequent video in which Project Veritas journalists confronted Walker over his confessions caused the Pfizer official to “lose it.” He even assaulted James O’Keefe, the Project Veritas found, to try to snatch or break the iPad on which they showed him the recording.

Posing Many Tough Questions

After the Project Veritas videos were released, Rubio reacted by sending a letter to Albert Bourla, the CEO of Pfizer, to demand information about how the company has been “manipulating” COVID-19.

Rubio declared regardless of whether Pfizer called its manipulation “directed evolution” instead of “gain of function,” any work that made a virus “deadlier” and more contagious was “dangerous and careless.”

The Florida senator quoted what Walker said in the secretly videotaped conversation, namely, that Pfizer was engaging in the risk research of the coronavirus variants because the vaccines were “a cash cow.”

He also noted the executive’s admission that US government regulators “go easy” on Pfizer’s work simply became many of their officials were seeking to land jobs with the company or other Big Pharma firms.

Thus, they are lenient towards potentially dangerous research because they would like to preserve their job prospects. In his letter, Rubio described the claims made in the videotape by Project Veritas as “alarming.”

The Republican lawmaker asked Bourla to clarify what Pfizer was doing at present with the coronavirus and whether it was planning to continue “mutating” it in order to create more vaccines.

In his letter, Rubio also enquired if the corporation collaborated with federal officials in charge of monitoring its research or whether Pfizer had taken precautions so its mutated COVID variants wouldn’t get leaked among the public.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.