Google Becomes Hornet’s Nest as Anxiety-Stricken Staff Fears ‘Retribution’

Google, together with its subsidiary, YouTube, seems to increasingly resemble a hornet’s nest in which anxiety-stricken employees are simultaneously bracing for likely mass layoffs.

This comes as they are also fearing retribution over any attempt to speak out about the company’s internal atmosphere.

Leftist Corporate Employees Shivering in Fear For Their Jobs

Not unlike Twitter, Facebook, Apple, and other Big Tech companies, YouTube and its parent Google appear to have been part of the wider Marxist-Communist conspiracy to impose wokeness on the West.

As leaks known as the Twitter Files – proving the anti-American, anti-conservative collusion between Democrats, the deep state, mainstream media, and Big Tech corporations – are blowing wide open, it is worth reminding that YouTube is censoring conservatives practically as much as Facebook and Twitter.

At the same time, the algorithms of Google’s emblematic search engine are known to have been modified to promote leftist, Democratic results, while hiding conservative and Republican ones.

Against that backdrop, Google’s employees seem to be gripped by the fear of losing their jobs in suspected upcoming mass layoffs, ones based on a “new employee evaluation system” possibly geared towards encouraging obedience and stifling dissent. 

According to a report by The New York Times cited by Dnyuz, a group of Switzerland-based Google workers sent a letter to the vice president of human resources earlier this month, raising the alarm about the new employee evaluation tool.

They cited “reports” that managers inside the company were getting “aggressively pressured” to come up with a quota in which employees would get negative reviews and be axed.

The NYT report cites its own interviews with a total of 14 anonymous current and former employees, describing Google as a “tinderbox of anxiety” after the Big Tech corporation shuttered a small office, then canned a content-moderation project.

It underscored that current employees commented on the condition of anonymity because of their “fear of retribution” on the part of Google management.

Mass Layoffs on the Horizon at Google, Too

Several factors are coming together to spike internal worries among Google’s employees.

These are ranging from a program the corporate giant launched in July to make its own organization more efficient and productive, to tough budget talks, to older policy decisions assuming new meanings.

The anxiety among Google employees is also fueled by developments at other pro-leftist Big Tech firms such as Meta, the parent of Facebook and Instagram, which just “purged” 13% of its workforce, or 11,000 employees.

Likewise, another lefty corporate giant, Amazon, has begun to lay off roughly 10,000 corporate and technology employees, which make up 3% of its total workforce.

The report notes even though Google is going to rake in profits worth tens of billions of dollars this year, it is taking steps to adjust to an economic slowdown. Thus, in October, Google’s parent, Alphabet, saw its third-quarter profit slump by 27% year-on-year, down to nearly $14 billion.

Google refused to comment on The New York Times report about “employee anxiety” among its ranks. However, over the past few months, the Big Tech corporation seemingly started to “pay attention to costs.”

Besides seeking to boost internal efficiency, it started slashing entire projects, such as the video game streaming platform Stadia and the Pixelbook laptop, while downsizing others, such as the in-house product incubator Area120.

An audio recording leaked to the NYT reveals a Google HR manager told an employee mass layoffs could be executed in 2023, with the ultimate decision resting with CEO Sundar Pichai.