Gold Star Mom Whose Son Was Killed in Afghan Blast Tears into Biden’s Heartless Evil

US Marine Corps Lance Corporal Kareem Nikoui was one of the heroes we lost on Aug. 26 during the attack on Kabul airport. He was securing the airport to help Americans escape and our Afghan allies when suicide bombers approached and detonated.

On Sunday, Nikoui’s remains and those of 12 other service members killed in the attack arrived on American soil. Joe Biden attended, but many of the families found his behavior extremely disrespectful to their fallen sons and daughters.

This included Nikoui’s mom Shana Chappell.

Nikoui’s Mother Describes Biden’s Arrogant Stupidity

Chappell said she had the chance to get close to Biden and speak straight to him, telling him about the awful horror of knowing she won’t see her son again. Biden cut into her, though, and started trying to talk about the loss of his own son Beau Biden; this shocked Chappell who told Biden this wasn’t about his son.

Biden then claimed he understood her pain, which Chappell told him is not true. At this point, she says Biden made a sarcastic expression and “rolled” his “f—ing eyes” as if she was just some crazy lady.

Biden then walked away while Chappell gave him an earful, telling him that her son’s death was his fault. Biden held up a hand and didn’t turn around, dismissing her.

Biden Checks Watch Impatiently While Waiting for Caskets

Chappell also noted how Biden kept looking at his watch while the caskets of the American heroes were unloaded off the plane. “America hates you!” Chappell wrote in a Facebook post. Her social media accounts were later suspended for her posts.

Fellow Gold star parents Mark Schmitz and Darin Hoover also said that Biden did check his watch multiple times while the dead were unloaded from the aircraft. Schmitz, who lost his 20-year-old son Jared Schmitz in the Kabul attack, said Biden’s watch checking was the “most disrespectful” thing he’s seen in his entire life.

Schmitz also said Biden talked about Beau and went into his own sad story, instead of caring about their loss.

‘Burn in Hell!’

One lady screamed at Biden that she wants him to “burn in hell!” for his decision to leave troops on a suicide mission. Schmitz and others, including Chappell, were so horrified by how Biden acted. They told him he should always remember their sons and not act like it was no big deal.

The sister of dead USMC Lance Cpl. Rylee McCollum also slammed Biden’s heartless words; she said Biden did nothing to make her family feel better or ease the horrible grief of McCollum’s widow who will be having his child in several weeks.

As McCollum’s sister said, “every life” that was taken in the Kabul attack is Biden’s fault. He owns this…and he did nothing to even truly say sorry.