Globalist Crackdown on Trucker Protest Grows

Canada’s Freedom Convoy has shocked the world and woken people up from their sleep. Thousands of truckers drove from the west of the country to the capital of Ottawa, where many still remain.

They want an end to vaccine and mask mandates and are demanding a restoration of freedom. This includes the right to cross the Canada-US border without showing proof of vaccination.

Canadian leader Justin Trudeau is in hiding and has been issuing threats. Now, the globalist crackdown on truckers is growing in various ways. Will they back down?

Truckers vs. Globalists

Since Trudeau has gone into hiding, the fight against the truckers for exercising their freedom of speech has cranked up. For one thing, the Canadian province (state) of Nova Scotia put in a law banning supporters from cheering on the truckers.

For another thing, the GoFundMe fundraising website shut down a fundraising page for the Freedom Convoy, saying it is suspended because it has to be “ensured” to meet their terms of service.

The Freedom Convoy GoFundMe had over $10 million raised on it when it was paused by the leftist website to “ensure” that it follows its rules.

We all know what that means: somebody from Trudeau’s office and the leftist machine put pressure on the already leftist GoFundMe to shut down a service they don’t like. The truckers go against the narrative, so they are thought criminals who must be shut down.

We’ve already seen Trudeau call them all white supremacists and “transphobes” because of the behavior of one or two individuals out of crowds of tens of thousands.

Trudeau said the hateful conduct of the truckers is why he’s against them, whereas he supports groups like BLM who protested for a real reason.

Is that right? So Trudeau supports groups that led to mass violence, arson, and murder. Yet, he doesn’t support a group of peaceful and non-violent protesters who had a few members scrawl graffiti or hold up ‘F— Trudeau signs?’ Sounds legit.

However, it gets worse…

Calling in the Troops…

Truckers and farmers are currently driving around various parts of the capital of Ottawa. The Ottawa police say some efforts to disband the protests haven’t worked and the military may be called in.

As we’ve watched Canada descend into COVID tyranny over the past several years, this kind of thing no longer sounds like a joke. It sounds like it could come true.

With truckers and farmer allies now blocking a border crossing in the Canadian province of Alberta, Trudeau is getting angrier. He recently said the protests are starting to “become illegal.”

The aggressive behavior of a few truckers chanting and yelling is being used as an excuse by Trudeau. Honking has supposedly traumatized the residents of Ottawa who are tired of not getting a good night’s sleep.

They might be interested to know how traumatized people were in downtown Minneapolis during the BLM protests while their neighborhoods were burning. Meanwhile, people like Trudeau, Kamala Harris, and Joe Biden were cheering it on.