Ghislaine Maxwell Lands 20 Years in Prison For Trafficking Underage Girls

For over a decade, financier Jeffrey Epstein and associate Ghislaine Maxwell worked together to traffick underage girls and young women for sexual purposes.

Many women who were victims of Epstein have come forward in various testimonies, saying that Maxwell participated in the sexual abuse of them as well.

While Epstein died in 2019, Maxwell is still alive and went to trial for her crimes.

In December 2021, she was ultimately found guilty of helping procure underage girls and young women, then handing them over for Epstein and other pedophiles to abuse.

Just yesterday, Maxwell was finally handed a sentence for her extensive human trafficking crimes, as documented by Breitbart News.

A Deep Dive Into Maxwell’s Sentencing

On Tuesday, Maxwell was ultimately hit with a two-decade prison sentence. During the time of sentencing, the convicted human trafficker donned a white mask and wore blue prison attire, along with shackles on her legs.

The punishment against Maxwell was imposed by Judge Alison Nathan. In handing down the punishment, Nathan admonished the 60-year-old for failing to demonstrate any sort of guilt for the crimes she committed against girls and young women.

In remarks to the court, Maxwell sought to distance herself from the offenses she was convicted of. She claimed on Tuesday that Epstein was the true abuser and she lamented having ever met him.

Maxwell later asserted to have empathy for the women whom she and Epstein sexually abused. At one point, the convicted human trafficker even said that she hoped her time spent behind bars would bring comfort to the women who were abused and raped.

Judge Nathan made it clear that Maxwell’s punishment wasn’t because of the crimes Epstein committed, but because of the crimes that Maxwell herself committed.

Yesterday also allowed the women victimized by Epstein and Maxwell to speak publicly about the impact the pair’s crimes had on them.

The Major Elephant in the Room

Maxwell being held accountable for her crimes is certainly a step in the right direction. However, there’s still a major issue: the client list of Maxwell and Epstein has yet to be revealed.

As news of Maxwell’s sentencing went viral, countless people demanded for the buyers of underage girls and young women to be held accountable.

Thus far, federal authorities and news outlets have not revealed who all participated in the sex trafficking that lasted for years on end.

There are a variety of different theories concerning why the client list of Maxwell and Epstein has yet to be revealed.

During Maxwell’s trial, she turned down a deal that would have given her a lighter sentence in exchange for disclosing the names of people she and Epstein sold to.

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