Get Ready for Biden Mask Mandate: Wear a Mask or Else…

Pandemic Mask by Key West Wedding Photography is licensed under CC BY 2.0

President Biden is ready to get down to work to help out the American people.

At least that’s what he says. But actions speak louder than words. And in Biden’s case that means executive actions – a boatload of them.

It’s clear that far from reopening the economy or getting things back to normal, Biden’s focus is going to be exactly what conservatives feared: forcing more COVID restrictions, opening up immigration and giving citizenship to illegals, pushing the vaccine and basically making sure America comes last.

Biden’s Mask Mandate

Among other things, Biden will require everyone to wear a mask when they travel and on any federal property. Biden is also set to put out 10 additional executive orders today for COVID-19. He’s also going to be pushing through a $1.9 trillion stimulus bill for COVID recovery.

Of course, like Governor Gavin Newsom caught breaking his own lockdown rules and many other progressives, Biden couldn’t even be bothered to wear a mask when delivering remarks next to the Lincoln memorial last night, a location which is on federal land. Rules for thee, but not for me. Sounds about right.

Biden Says We’re Entering ‘Deadliest Period of the Virus’

According to Biden we’re now entering what could be “the deadliest period of the virus” and therefore stricter measures are called for. Biden’s rejoining of the World Health Organization (WHO) is also connected to his desire to focus on the fight against the coronavirus.

No word on why he would trust the WHO which is bought off by China and failed miserably at warning the world about COVID-19 or responding to it effectively. But everything good that President Trump did – such as leaving the WHO in 2017 – has already been reversed by Biden’s avalanche of executive orders.

Masks were optional under Trump and he often didn’t wear them. Although masks have been proven to help reduce spreading COVID they are far from a “cure-all” and the fact that there are lockdowns – which don’t help to stop COVID – shows just how little the Democrats actually believe in science.

FEMA will begin running vaccination centers to get 100 million shots out in Biden’s first 100 days and he’s ramping up efforts to make the vaccine available at pharmacies. He also plans to reopen schools for in-person classes in his first 100 days.

Ballot Paperwork Signing – Wilmington, DE – August 14, 2020 by Biden For President is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Here’s the Deal

Biden is obviously showing that he’s very different from Trump and wants to show everyone how seriously he takes the virus. A lot of his proposals are going to take massive money, however, so what he’s also doing is conditioning aid on the passage of his upcoming $1.9 trillion bill which you can bet will be stuffed with lots of progressive pork as well.

Any Republican who tries to negotiate or hold it up will be blamed for people dying of COVID. In other words the Democrats plan to use people’s suffering to pass their pork bill and give handouts to friends and allies.

Because of the necessary parts the bailout bill contains, people will be forced to play along and negotiate on it, but time is not on their side as the death toll from COVID worsens and people lose patience with the mask mandate and lockdown.

For Democrats to use the crisis to push their agenda shouldn’t surprise anyone, but it’s still discouraging. But don’t look for the media to hold anyone accountable. They’ll be too busy gushing over Kamala Harris’ shoes or talking about what a nice guy Biden is and how much he just wants to help everyone.