George W. Bush Stabs Trump in the Back Again

Former President George W. Bush led this nation during a dark time.

For that, he deserves credit. Though he also sank us into two long wars in the Middle East and led a big government spending spree and immigration surge.

The truth is Bush talked a big game, but at heart, he was a mostly liberal man, supporting a globalist vision of America.

He never really turned the tide in favor of patriots, nor did he support the America First movement or President Trump when they arose.

From the very beginning, Bush was a leading Never Trumper, claiming Trump was somehow dishonorable or crazy for standing up for this country.

Now, Bush is continuing his misguided crusade against Trump by directly supporting his opponents.

Bush Backs Kemp in Georgia

Specifically, Bush will be heading to Georgia to back Governor Brian Kemp at a fundraising event. This is a direct slap in the face to Trump, who has been clear he doesn’t want Kemp to win.

The Georgia governor refused to stand up for Trump at all when the former POTUS demanded more investigations into the election irregularities which had gone on in the Peach State in 2020.

Kemp is strong in Georgia and has a good shot at winning the primary. Trump supports former Georgia Senator David Perdue, but it’s an uphill battle.

By agreeing to publicly come in and support Kemp, Bush is making it clear that he’ll do what it takes to sink America First.

He’s made that very clear in the past as well, going to every RINO he can, including Liz Cheney and Lisa Murkowski, and blabbering about “values” and “democracy.”

Bush spent thousands of lives of our young men and women to try to bring “democracy” to the savage desert in Iraq and Afghanistan. Yet, he wants to lecture us here at home about how loving America makes Trump supporters racist?

The Reality of the Race

The reality of the race at this time is Trump used to support Kemp in 2018, but Kemp didn’t appreciate it at all. He used his power as head of Georgia to let the issues with the 2020 election go by the wayside.

Now, Kemp is still going pretty strong and is way ahead of Perdue in the latest polls, polling at around 53 percent support, compared to Perdue’s 27 percent. That’s a huge lead.

It’s not like Perdue even needs Bush’s help. Yet, even in spite of this, Bush can’t help but go rub it in. He also can’t help but grandstand about how much he hates Trump. Together, he and Kemp will raise even more money at the home of a top RINO donor.

Tickets to get in the Bush-Kemp events are over $15,000.