George Soros Has a Plan to Save the Democrats in the Midterms

With the upcoming midterm elections looking worse and worse for the left, liberals have been scratching their heads to come up with an idea to help fix things.

They have tried making up a fake controversy over “voting rights,” but that isn’t working.

They have tried to say the economy is doing better than ever, but with inflation at record highs, that isn’t working either.

Now, leftist billionaire George Soros has a plan, and a boatload of money, to help swing this year in Democrats’ favor.

Soros’ Strategy

Soros is a billionaire leftist who believes in the globalist agenda: a unified world system in which everyone is forced to become progressive.

He has meddled in many American elections in the past and is very close with the top leaders of the Democrat Party.

Soros is one of the world’s richest men and has gotten his wealth from a variety of sources, including stock and currency speculation.

Now, he’s helping out his side in the upcoming elections with the main tool he has: tons of money.

Soros gave out $125 million to a leftist PAC that’s in charge of getting Democrats elected this cycle. That’s a serious chunk of change and it’s all about getting the Great Reset agenda pushed forward.

What’s the Fund Officially For?

According to Soros, the money is all about “strengthening” the cause of “democracy” and pushing forward the cause of “voting rights” and “civil liberties.”

The fund will be run by Soros’ son Alexander, who said that it’s all about defending “democracy.”

As in most cases, when these words are used by the far left, they basically mean the opposite of the word being used.

Democracy in this case means Democrats holding power; voting rights means fixing elections and civil liberties mean more power for the cultural and economic left and less power and rights for regular Americans.

In a statement put out about the new PAC, Alexander Soros also referred to the January 6 Capitol riots, a subject the left just can’t stop talking about.

Meanwhile, FBI informants like Ray Epps appear to have been involved in organizing and inciting it.

Open Society Foundation and the Future

Soros’ Open Society Foundation is deeply involved in pro-leftist causes across the West and has been tied to color revolutions in numerous countries.

His money has helped go toward defund the police initiatives and to far left activist judges and attorneys who have coddled criminals and helped America burn.

Although talking about Soros will get the mainstream media to label you a conspiracy theorist, you don’t have to believe anything strange about the man to see something is wrong.

After all, money talks and $125 million is a lot of money.