George Santos Staring Down Multiple Criminal Charges

Things have not been going very well for New York GOP Rep. George Santos these days. Shortly after securing a seat in the House of Representatives, it came to light that Santos did so by telling an unsettling amount of lies.

Santos was dishonest about his immediate family, his ancestry, education status, work history, and more. He claimed to have worked for elite businesses with no record of ever employing him.

To make matters even worse, there were reports of Santos ripping people off, running cons, and stealing. Though towards the middle of the week, it all caught up to him.

As reported by Reuters, Santos was just hit with a series of major criminal charges.

The End of the Line?

So far, the charges against Santos entail money laundering, fraud, and public funds theft. The federal indictment against him includes 13 different accounts, asserting that Santos defrauded those who donated to him, using their money to cover his individual expenses.

The New York Republican is also charged with lying to the House of Representatives about his finances and receiving unemployment aid while being gainfully employed.

It’s been one thing after the next with Santos. In the wake of these charges, he claims it’s all a “witch hunt,” but most Americans aren’t buying it.

Even since Santos has been in Congress, he’s been accused of fibbing about various conversations he’s had with other lawmakers. It truly seems as though he just can’t help himself.

Republicans Weigh In

Sen. Mitt Romney, since all of Santos’ lies were revealed, has long been on the record saying that he needs to step down from office.

Likewise, Rep. Kevin McCarthy, also the House Speaker, indicated he won’t be backing Santos’ efforts to secure another term in Congress. McCarthy specifically told the media that Santos has more pressing matters that he needs to be focusing on.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.