Gavin Newsom Will Remain California’s Governor

The results of California’s recall election are in: Gavin Newsom will stay on as governor. It’s terrible news for patriots and Californians, yet great news for California Governor Gavin Newsom and his corrupt Democrat friends.

The attempt to get Newsom out of office for his grave mismanagement of California’s economy, COVID, and the immigration crisis has come to an end. The next chance to boot Newsom out of office now won’t come until November 8, 2022, when California holds its next election for governor during the midterms.

What Happened in the Recall Election?

Basically what happened in the recall election is exactly what you could have predicted: the coastal areas and urban centers backed Newsom, in most cases, with healthy majorities. In LA County, for example, around 74% of voters chose to keep Newsom in office.

Inland counties and more conservative areas of California in the south and other regions voted strongly to recall him from office, with 83% of northwestern and rural Lassen County voters opting to boot Newsom from office.

Now that Newsom is sticking around, he’s being a really arrogant leftist about it. He’s bragging that the opposition to him wanted to “smash” democracy and women’s rights.

On the conservative side, by contrast, leading opponent Larry Elder urged people to be “gracious” despite the loss. Notice the difference there?

California Chooses to Lose

The final numbers in this recall vote are not yet out. All that’s known, at this point, is Newsom got majorities rejecting the recall in the bulk of counties and therefore will stay in office.

However, polling shows that it’s probably a very tight race, especially in terms of the actual number of votes on both sides. Nonetheless, California owns this. They have chosen a big business champagne socialist, a lying sociopath and a child-masking, COVID-obsessed hypocrite called Gavin Newsom over a brave patriotic truth-teller called Larry Elder.

Now, it’s time to reap the whirlwind. Many Californians are choosing to leave the state for somewhere with houses they can actually afford, lower crime rates, and a governor who’s not part of the COVID cult.

Those who can’t leave are in for some hard times under Newsom.

Will Newsom Be Re-elected in 2022?

The question on everyone’s minds now is whether Newsom will be reelected again in 2022. With $24 million in cash ready to help him out, there’s a very good chance he can be.

Conservatives need to be working hard at the grassroots level to build coalitions and networks in California and make sure this guy doesn’t get back in. The failure of the recall vote matters for more than just California.

This is a boost to Democrats overall, who will see their harsh policies on COVID and their anti-freedom beliefs to have been confirmed. Now, they are only going to double down. After all, Newsom did it and he was fine.