Gavin Newsom is Going Against Biden, Forgetting His Disaster in California

Gov. Gavin Newsom of California is running advertisements in Texas, in addition to his amusing ones in Florida. 

As a result, the goal of this guy should be readily apparent. Joe Biden is so disliked that the Democrats are planning to jettison him immediately.

Someone must thus step up, but it’s unlikely to be Kamala Harris, who is even less popular than Joe Biden. 

COVID Restrictions

What would the nation’s response be to a Newsom presidential run? In November’s midterms, voters’ reactions to COVID-19 limitations imposed by the government will serve as the first test.

This is due to two factors.

First, if you do not reside in California, you are likely best acquainted with Newsom for his flagrant disregard for the onerous COVID limitations that he put on all Californians and businesses. 

These limits Newsom did not bother to follow himself were so stringent that, as of June, California has been 100,000 jobs short of its February 2020 level.

Other states have already recovered, including not only several red states, such as Idaho, Utah, and Texas, but also Colorado and Nevada. Both have been completely controlled by the Democrats since 2018.

What then is California’s justification for being so far behind? You cannot possibly blame the weather. 

With 62% of the vote, the public chose to keep Newsom in office after he was embroiled in scandal.

In addition to questions regarding Newsom’s moral qualities, it is important to look at the subtle foot-traffic poll taking place between Newsom’s jurisdiction and other states.

According to estimates from the Census Bureau, California lost a net demographic similar to Cleveland, due to domestic outbound migration last year. 

Taxes and Policies

In addition, it is essential to explain what is so pernicious about California’s heavy taxation. It is not just the top marginal tax rate exceeding 12% that is absurd and harmful to businesses.

The worst part is anyone earning more than $60,000, or a married couple earning more than $122,000, pays a marginal tax rate of 9.3 percent.

This is higher than the rate paid by millionaires in most states.

The fact that California is conducting an open war against freelancers only makes matters worse. 

All these problems, along with anti-development activity and statewide rising rents, rendered housing inaccessible for the vast majority of people who are not extraordinarily rich.

Add escalating crime in some areas of the state and the inability of government authorities to solve the issue of homelessness, regardless of how much money they waste on it. 

Not everything is Gavin Newsom’s direct fault. Some of these challenges stem from actions and events that occurred before he assumed power, but this justification never works. 

One advantage of running for the presidency after serving as a senator is you have no responsibilities. Whereas on the other hand, governors deliver outcomes.

California is facing grave difficulties. In any political race, Newsom’s inability to stop people from leaving the state he lives in will be used against him.

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.