Gang Rapists Who Assaulted Minor Girl Let Out on Probation

In September of 2017, three African immigrants in Utah brutally gang-raped a 14-year-old girl while she was extremely drunk. They also filmed themselves sexually assaulting the young girl, saying they found it “funny.”

The girl was only partly conscious during the horrific act. This led to rape charges for the three men, 26-year-old Richard Djassera, 24-year-old Nasouh Albasis-Albasis, and 29-year-old Dodjim Leclair.

The three have been held in jail since that time, but are now hearing some very good news about their futures, as they’ve been let out on probation.

Here’s What Happened…

According to video evidence and the 2017 conviction, the three immigrants lured the young teen girl out to come with them to a party.

They then waited until she was drunk and gang-raped her as she drifted out of consciousness in their vehicle.

One of the men, Djassera, filmed the assault on camera, saying it was “funny” and therefore he taped it. The attack occurred in the city of West Jordan, Utah, which is about 20 minutes south of downtown Salt Lake City.

According to police, the men cheered each other on as they molested the sleeping girl, who was completely drunk and unable to give consent of any kind.

The Judge Announces His Verdict

These three pieces of human trash have been held in jail since their conviction, but they were just sentenced now. Due to the leniency of the American justice system, the men made plea deals with Third District Judge Douglas Hogan.

This means they admitted they were guilty in return for reduced sentences. Now, all three men are out on three years of probation before beginning their jail sentences.

For his part, Djassera got a lesser charge of sexually exploiting an underage person, as he didn’t engage in the rape. Leclair and Albasis both got convicted of rape. They will all get varying jail times, some of which will be counted as already served.

For now, they are free to go about their lives and groom more young girls in Utah. This is disgusting!

What Has America Become?

All three of these men are now out of jail; although Djassera and Leclair are in custody of our immigration authorities for now, until they can figure out their exact status in this country.

Are they even legal?

Apparently, the young girl was fine with the plea deals of these guys, but that just goes to show the evidence of Stockholm Syndrome, where somebody sympathizes with their abuser.

This shouldn’t be happening in America in 2022. Who are we letting into our country and why?

These men should be deported as soon as possible; although that is probably the last thing they’d want, since in their own countries, the penalties for rape are likely much harsher.

Maybe we should take a page from that book here in America…