Freedom Trucker Tells the Brutal Truth

Canada’s trucker freedom convoy has gotten the attention of the world. Thousands of truckers went from the west of Canada to the east, where they now occupy the capital of Ottawa.

Canadian leader Justin Trudeau was so shaken up, he went into hiding and said he’d caught COVID.

The truckers want an end to COVID vaccine and mask mandates. They want the economy opened back up. So far, several provinces have moved in that direction, but Trudeau says the restrictions are going to stay.

Now, an exclusive interview with one trucker exposes the truth about what’s happening.

‘We’re Not Free’

One of the truckers in the freedom convoy is a man named Ryan, who drove from the Canadian province to the capital. That’s a few days of driving, but he said it’s worth it because Canadians are “not free anymore.”

Speaking to Breitbart, Ryan explained his own ancestors came to Canada, escaping violence in Ukraine and Germany in the early 20th century. They were being killed and “persecuted.”

In Canada, they hoped for a better life. They hoped for freedom and the ability to have a farm and keep their family healthy and safe.

Now, Ryan says that’s all gone; he, for one, is absolutely sick of it. He came to Ottawa to let Justin Trudeau and his government know he and his trucker brothers and sisters have no patience for his COVID tyranny.

What Does Ryan Want?

Ryan says what he wants is simple. He wants the federal government to stop requiring vaccines to work, eat, and travel. He’s parking his huge truck next to the government headquarters in Ottawa until they start listening.

He’s far from alone; the huge crowd of other truckers and their supporters all have a similar message.

The protests started up when Trudeau required all truckers to show proof of vaccine to cross the border out of Canada into the US, which many have to do as part of their jobs.

Even though 90% of truckers in Canada are vaccinated, these constant restrictions and new rules pushed them too far. They rebelled, are now occupying the capital city, and showing Trudeau for the pathetic tyrant that he is at heart.

The Protests Will Continue

Don’t look for the trucker protests to end anytime soon. They’re already spreading to other countries; there are plans in the works in the US to have a convoy from California to DC.

President Trump himself has spoken out in support of it; a growing chorus of supporters are finding they agree with these truckers too.

The Trudeaus and Joe Bidens of this world have worn out their welcome. Their restrictions didn’t save lives, but they sure wrecked a lot of lives, and people have had enough.