Former Trump Insider Turns on 45

Kellyanne Conway was a top aide to President Trump during his administration. She was also routinely mocked by the liberal media for her defense of him.

Conway was even humiliated when her own daughter started going live on social media, broadcasting her parents’ fights or complaining about her mom.

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Now, Conway is doing what many former political insiders do; she’s coming out with a book to make money off her time serving the country.

She says some surprising things in the book that are not going to make Trump happy.

What Does the Book Say?

Conway’s new book is called Here’s the Deal and comes out today, May 24.

Among other things, the book says Trump lost the 2020 election fair and square, but had weak, cowardly people bow down to agree with him it had been stolen to stroke his ego.

The result was the ongoing idea that the election was stolen, which Conway says is untrue. Conway joins other Trump higher-ups like Secretary of Defense Mark Esper and former AG Bill Barr in agreeing the election wasn’t stolen.

Why is Conway Turning on Trump?

Conway may have been mocked by the media for her disputing what constitutes truth or not, but she’s actually a perfectly intelligent and savvy political figure. That means there is a reason she decided to stand up against Trump in her book.

The primary reason is likely frustration with seeing many conservatives believe the election was stolen and feeling they wouldn’t accept the loss.

However, as Dinesh D’Souza’s new film 2000 Mules shows, there is plenty of circumstantial questions to be had about this election and massive ballot stuffing in various states.

If Trump runs again, Conway could be a top advisor to his run, so why is she putting herself out of the running?

This looks a lot like a calculation by Conway that she’ll get more liberal love, TV appearances, and “respect” by denouncing Trump than by continuing to play nice.

She says she told Trump he’d lost and not to keep his “deluded followers” believing lies, but he wouldn’t listen.

What Else Does the Book Say?

The book also goes after various other people, including Jared Kushner, who Conway slams for being extremely power-hungry and thinking he should control what goes on in the White House.

Conway pulls no punches here.

The book also gets into her problems in the marriage to her husband George, along with the ongoing issues with her daughter Claudia and her TikTok humiliations of her and George.

The Bottom Line

Still, at the end of the day, this book is about making money and getting influence back. Conway’s name has been out of the news cycle for a long time and she wants back in.

Maybe she’s hoping to get invited on as a contributor at CNN or somewhere by repeating the official narrative.