Former Starbucks CEO Warns Public About Growing Crime

Crime has become a very major problem in this country.

After years of policies that involve defunding the police, watering down bail requirements, and even letting criminals out of jail prematurely, the consequences are disastrous.

Crime has become such a concern that left-wing district attorneys have come under fire from their own constituents for not taking enough action to clean up the streets.

Some leftist communities have also seen businesses shut down, as they can’t safely ask their employees to come in to work.

Now, the former CEO of Starbucks is sounding the alarm about crime in America, according to the Daily Wire.

A Public Service Announcement

Last week on Wednesday, Howard Schultz testified before the Senate about crime and its various impacts on US communities. According to Schultz, many profitable Starbucks shops have shut down in major cities because the officials there have allowed lawlessness to get out of control.

Moreover, the former Starbucks CEO informed Congress that urban communities are infested with problems of homelessness, mental health struggles, and drug abuse.

Finally, in leaked audio, Schultz was heard declaring that America is now “unsafe” and if things continue as they have been, more stores are going to close their doors.

The Bottom Line

Unchecked crime puts everyone at risk. Regardless of how the Democrats try to slice it, communities are not safe when criminals feel emboldened to lash out and offend.

When businesses shut down for safety reasons, this also means communities will have fewer job opportunities and service options to meet people’s needs.

It is not wrong or cruel to uphold the law; in fact, it’s one of the most humane things a leader can do. If urban cities want to have any real future that isn’t bleak, they’re going to have to reverse these soft-on-crime policies and start doing things by the book again.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.