Former Presidential Candidate Ron Paul Sounds the Alarm on the Jan. 6 Show Trials

Ron Paul served the great state of Texas for decades and ran twice for President in 2008 and 2012. He’s long been a voice of reason in the midst of this nation’s lunatic left and RINO right. 

Paul told us we need sound money. He told us that globalist wars weren’t worth it. He told us to stop letting radical leftists run our schools, justice system and corporations. Now the bill is coming due for not heeding Paul’s warnings, and it’s a very high price to pay. 

One example is the ongoing witch hunt against anyone who took a selfie on January 6 near our nation’s Capitol. They’re being branded as terrorists and thrown in jail; Paul is warning of just how bad this is going to get and what it means for the future of the republic. 

Liberal Witch Hunt 2.0: the Paul Hodgkins Case

January 6 protester Paul Hodgkins was recently convicted in a show trial by the Biden regime. What did he do? He walked around the Capitol on Jan. 6 with his face uncovered and took a couple of photos with a Trump flag.

Now he’s going to jail for eight months. Seriously. As Paul said in a recent op-ed, this is a “miscarriage of justice.” The fact that the prosecutor had the insanity to call Hodgkins a “terrorist” makes it even more alarming.

What the actual hell? Despite the fact that Hodgkins literally did nothing violent that would count as “terrorism,” the sentencing judge Mona Sedky said that he’s equivalent to a “terrorist” because going in the Senate and taking a photo is the “context of terorrism.”

What the hell does that even mean? I thought lawyers were supposed to be smart!

Ron Paul Slams ‘Soviet Show Trials’

Paul slammed “Soviet show trials,” saying that America is on a similar track. These awful distortions of justice worked to make people scared to stand up to the government in any way. They also got some normal folks to feel extreme anger and dislike of people who wouldn’t go along with the regime.

Yet, in the end, the communist show trials didn’t work because they were just too stupid, and too many people started noticing and getting angry about it. This partly led to the collapse of the Soviet Union. 

As Paul says, being jailed “for what you believe” is a travesty and it should not be happening in America now or ever, but it is and Paul Hodgkins is proof. 

Here’s the Thing

As Paul writes, many of Biden’s supporters are “enjoying” watching Trump folks get slammed and put in the slammer. he cycle never just ends with one bad guy, and they could one day be on the receiving end too. 

“Totalitarian” fake justice doesn’t ever stop at just picking out one group. We’re in a very dangerous time and sliding closer to becoming a new Soviet Union by the day. Thank God for people like Ron Paul who are speaking out against it.