Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee Has Great Advice for Criminals

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee recently gave out a great tip if you’ve broken the law.

Just say you identify as Hunter Biden. After all, liberals have no right to question your identity, right? As Huckabee said, if you identify as Hunter Biden, even the FBI will “turn a blind eye” to anything you do. 

Huckabee dispensed the golden wisdom on a recent episode of Sean Hannity’s show on Fox. 

The Biden Disaster

As we’ve seen in photos, President Biden lied about never having been overseas with Hunter on foreign trips. 

His drug-addicted and prostitute-using son’s laptop was recovered before the election; however, the liberal media ignored it, and “experts” like former CIA Director John Brennan even claimed that talk of the laptop was Russian misinformation. 

Hunter’s wrongdoing, corruption, and crimes haven’t resulted in charges. In fact, a couple of weeks ago in the airport, I saw his new book on sale for $27.99, so if anything he’s getting rich from riding the pity train. 

I think Huckabee’s advice here is pretty good. If you identify as Hunter Biden, nobody can put a finger on you and you’re above the law. 

The Kamala Factor

Huckabee is a bit of a comedian; he also pointed out that one of the reasons Biden doesn’t look as bad as he is, is that Kamala Harris is even worse. 

It makes sense because if you’re incompetent, the only way to make yourself look more in the game is to get a sidekick who’s even worse. 

Now that America is seeing just how badly Harris flubbed the border issue, her random laughing jags, fury at the media, and her complete lack of responsibility or logic, Biden almost looks normal in comparison. 

At the end of the day, however, they’re both Democrats; as Huckabee said, the Democrats turn everything around them into a “dumpster fire.”

Hard to argue with that. 

The Failing Democrat Philosophy

As Huckabee said on Hannity’s show, the Democrats are pursuing a childish and failing policy because they’re committed to doing the opposite of everything Trump did. 

It’s just that a lot of what Trump did was good:

He had the border secured, he had jobs surging; Trump had the US as a net energy exporter, he had foreign allies and enemies falling in line…

Now? It’s all going the exact opposite direction, and the result is a tanking economy, open border, and divided population.

As we prepare to celebrate Independence Day tomorrow, let’s not forget what makes this country great: freedom and patriotism.

We don’t need more Democrat lies and corruption, we just need some good old-fashioned common sense.

Thanks to Huckabee for providing a little bit of that down-home Arkansas wisdom, because the country can use it.