Florida Teacher Went Way Too Far in Her Paranoia About COVID

Baby hand on chalkboard. Covid-19 education by shixart1985 is licensed under CC BY 2.0

COVID-19 is no joke. People understand that. COVID-related illness has killed over 374,000 Americans. Although it is clearly debatable what deaths are being counted as the virus or not, nobody’s arguing that it’s a good thing.

Common sense Americans are simply saying that since the lockdowns don’t work and are crushing the entire economy…maybe we should take precautions and open things back up.

But some individuals have gone off their rockers with paranoia about the virus and taken things way too far. It’s clear that this is a stressful time for everyone, but lashing out at people around you and trying to control everything they do really doesn’t help.

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Introducing Florida High School Teacher Christina Reszetar

This is where Florida high school teacher Christina Reszetar comes into the picture. She teaches at Largo High School in the small city of Largo in west central Florida. It’s a suburb of Tampa in the state’s Pinellas County.

She went berserk when four students in her class weren’t wearing their masks in the right way and went up to them and sprayed them with disinfectant spray in their faces and bodies.

Her aggressive action resulted in her being brought to the Pinellas County Jail where she spent the night in style. Reszetar now faces charges of felony child abuse. Smooth move, Christina.

Even as Florida works to rollout vaccine distribution and Governor Ron DeSantis does his best to keep the state going forward in a positive direction – including dealing with a hostile progressive media who wants desperately to blame him for the pandemic and make him look bad – people like Reszetar show how dangerous it can get when people go nuts about masks.

Details of What Reszetar Faces in Charges

Reszetar faces four felony child abuse charges with great bodily harm. I guess those students didn’t like having stinging alcohol spray shot all over their faces.

She is a teacher in the learning disabled math program at the high school where she’s taught for almost two decades, so it also sounds like she may have sprayed…disabled teens. Yikes.

The judge in the case said: “I think I can fairly characterize this as a severely misguided attempt at discipline,” but when he asked if Reszetar will be able to hire a lawyer she went for a pity party and said:

“I will not be able to afford one on my teacher’s salary.”

Next time she may want to think of that before going loco on four kids in her disabled math program.

What Happens Next?

After being booked on the charges, Reszetar was let out of jail the next day with no bond since she has no “serious” prior record.

She is still employed by the school district, so it looks like this time she will get away with what she did.

Reszetar is also far from alone in taking things too far when it comes to the hype over masks – whose efficacy is still not completely clear in any case. Numerous videos are all over the internet of people in grocery stores and many other locations yelling and going insane over seeing someone not wearing a mask, and liberal journalists like Kurt Eichenwald have expressed their desire to murder people who don’t wear masks.

In December an Oregon teacher in Bend, Oregon went insane on anti-lockdown protesters, screaming wildly from her Subaru as they exercised their Constitutional rights and bragging that she’s a teacher.

Also last summer Arizona teachers had a “sickout” and skipped work in order to force their district not to reopen during the pandemic.

If nothing else, at least teens are getting a lot more time to do the kind of wholesome things they do online, like…

Well, nevermind.