Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Pressures Biden Admin to Get Internet to the People of Cuba

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is a man of action. He doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk. 

The latest example comes on Cuba: many conservatives has said how much they support the Cuban people’s desire for freedom. However, DeSantis is trying to get Cubans some practical tools. 

First and foremost, he wants to get them hooked up to the internet after their communist tyrannical government shut it off over the weekend during the protests. 

Why Internet is Key

The Biden regime has already said that Cubans who try to run away and come to the US will be turned away or resettled in another country, even ones in direct danger. 

It’s obviously because most Cuban Americans vote Republican. The situation in Cuba is not a time for Democrat game-playing and political strategizing. These brave freedom fighters in Cuba need help. 

The least the Biden regime could do is try to get them some internet. DeSantis has penned a letter to our disappointing White House Democrat dunces to ask them for exactly that. 

What Exactly Does DeSantis Ask for in His Letter?

In his letter to the federal government, DeSantis talks about Cuba’s “cruel dictatorship” and their people’s brave stand against it. 

Since their dictatorial current President Miguel Díaz-Canel turned off the internet, the protests have been harder to organize; many Cuban Floridians are now in the dark about how their relatives and friends are doing in Cuba. 

Many Republicans have asked the Biden government to do more to show and give support to Cuba; so far we’ve heard little from them except some excuse that the protests are due to anger over COVID. 

The liberal media recently also warned that Cubans protesting could spread COVID. 

Yes, our incredible liberal media seriously said that about people literally risking their lives for freedom in a communist police state; this is the same media that backed meaningless BLM riots last summer. 

DeSantis: Biden Needs to Stop Being ‘Weak’ and Acting with ‘Cowardice’

DeSantis calls it like he sees it. He has said the Biden government is being “weak” and acting with “cowardice” on Cuba. 

DeSantis’ letter notes that technology exists to get internet access to many Cubans very quickly using remote satellite technologies. 

During the USSR, the United States and free nations worked hard to get radio broadcasts through the Iron Curtain. Think of it that way. 

It makes a big difference, but Biden and his lackeys don’t seem to care. 

The obvious fact is that we need someone like DeSantis or our favorite President Trump sitting in the Oval Office. If they were in charge, we’d be actively supporting Cubans in their struggle for dignity, not sitting back like a bunch of chumps.