Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is Fighting Back Against Vaccine Passports

Ron DeSantis by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

It’s the tale of two states: Florida and New York. 

Both have struggled a lot with COVID. Florida opened up, New York shut down. 

Florida has a Governor who’s proven himself to be a capable leader who follows the facts: Ron DeSantis. 

New York has a Governor who’s proven himself to be a sociopath whose decisions killed thousands of elderly people and who is accused of sexually harassing dozens of women: Andrew Cuomo. 

New York’s lockdowns were supposed to save lives according to the liberal media. Instead they killed people and killed businesses. 

Florida’s lockdowns were supposed to kill people according to the liberal media. Instead they didn’t lead to a noticeable increase in deaths and let businesses stay open and move to the state. 

Now New York is set to put in a vaccine passport system in a few days and stop entry to businesses for non-vaccinated people.

Florida, meanwhile, will work to make any rules around vaccine passports illegal, according to DeSantis. 

Melbourne Beach, Florida by Daniel Piraino is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Vaccine Passports?

New York is set to make vaccine passports required to enter many businesses and public events starting on April 2. Businesses don’t want it, obviously, since around 20% of people are not going to agree to be vaccinated, but the government is forcing them. 

DeSantis says he’ll put forward an executive order to bar businesses from asking for proof of vaccination. While this is also going against the freedom of businesses in making their own decisions about who comes in or not, he has a good point in that requiring an optional vaccine before you can go to a concert or inside a business is anti-American. 

The vaccine passport idea – even if it made sense of the COVID vaccine – has all sorts of dangers to be used for other things once it’s put in place. In the future it could be used to track and control people in all sorts of ways and even worse is that now that new variants of COVID are coming out of Brazil it’s not clear at all that the current vaccines will remain effective. 

DeSantis is the likely successor to the conservative movement in 2024 if Trump doesn’t run, and his decision is geared at showing pro and anti-vaccine Republicans that he cares about their concerns. 

Those who support the mainstream position can take a look at Florida’s pro-business record and how it didn’t go as badly as New York, especially with the elderly and New York’s disaster in nursing homes. Those that aren’t in favor of the vaccine or mainstream position can see that DeSantis is willing to buck the consensus and do what’s best for residents even when it gets him slammed and vilified in the press. 

A Tale of Two States

As I said at the beginning, we go back to a tale of two states. Florida has progressives and conservatives, New York forces progressive views on everyone. 

Florida is allowing people to make their own choices on vaccines, New York wants to force the mainstream Fauci ideology on everyone and punish those who don’t comply. 

Florida is being reasonable about the need to keep business going if you want to survive in the future, New York has hollowed out its entire downtown business core and industries for the sake of a virus that’s already mutating into new and far more dangerous versions. 

At the end of the day, DeSantis isn’t perfect but he’s a solid example of leadership. He’s taking positions which are controversial but which will stop people from being exploited and controlled by Big Brother. 

That’s the American spirit: no Big Brother today or ever.