Florida’s Ron DeSantis Hitting Back Against China in a Big Way

Governor Ron DeSantis remains a man of action who always seems to be ahead of the curve. He kept Florida open when other states were shutting down and resisted anti-American mandates and lockdowns.

While blue states have been crippled and sunk economically, Florida has been surging ahead. DeSantis also has a bigger picture mentality. He’s very aware of the challenges posed to America on the global stage.

For that reason, the Florida governor recently announced new funding that’s going to cut down China’s ability to hurt America.

DeSantis Backs Semiconductor Production in Florida

DeSantis recently declared Florida will be pumping $10 million into manufacturing semiconductors through the Florida Job Growth Grant Fund.

This valuable investment will be going to Osceola County and to nearby Valencia College, where the semiconductor industry has been surging ahead and training the next generation.

In total, the $10 million is expected to bolster the existing 5,400 semiconductor-related jobs and create more than 10,000 more jobs, once the industry is even more fully built up.

As DeSantis said, semiconductors are vital to America’s national security and economy and are a “huge issue.”

The Current Crisis

The problem right now is America doesn’t make enough semiconductors, which are vital to our technology, electric grid, and military. Far too much of our government and industry is relying on allies like Taiwan to make these crucial chip components.

Taiwan is reliable and high quality, but they’re currently being squeezed from all directions by the menacing Chinese Navy and military. Getting our own production capacity up to speed is a great idea. DeSantis is completely on point to do this.

If you want a concrete example of the importance of semiconductors, take a look at the automotive industry. The fact we don’t have enough semiconductors has made the price of cars go way higher.

As if we aren’t already paying enough for gas!

DeSantis to the Rescue

As DeSantis said, we can’t be “captive” and at the mercy of China’s communist government as it pressures Taiwan. We already have a shortage. What would we do if Taiwan had to shut down or sabotage production in a conflict with China?

Our economy has lost millions of jobs, thanks to outsourcing to China. We’ve also become way too dependent on places like Taiwan for our crucial technology.

Hopefully, this money goes far in Osceola County and the industry continues to expand in Florida and across America.

As in so many cases before, DeSantis is leading the way with his example and showing the power of forward-thinking leadership. America can’t afford to always be reacting; we need to proactively anticipate problems and solve them before they even come up.

It’s time to start winning again and creating thousands of jobs while we’re at it. This is the way.