Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Gives a Patriotic Boost to State Education

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis continues to lead the way in the conservative movement.

His latest actions will have parents cheering; DeSantis signed a bill this week to teach kids about the evil of communism and the greatness of America. 

Sounds simple, right?

These days, with the woke brigade always at the gates, it’s necessary to get back to basics and teach kids about reality. 

If not they’ll be brainwashed by the next pink-haired Marxist before you can say “critical race theory.” 

As DeSantis said, we clearly “need to do a much better job” of educating our kids about America’s systems and history. 

What Are the New Laws?

DeSantis signed three new bills relating to education and civic knowledge this week. 

They are House Bill 5, House Bill 223, and Senate Bill 1108. 

House Bill 5 increases teaching from Kindergarten to Grade 12 about the American government, Constitution and Bill of Rights. It also teaches students about the problems and horrible history of ideologies like communism and fascism (and why America’s system is better). 

H.B. 5 also focuses on teaching students the stories of people from communist countries and dictatorships who have sought refuge in the United States and inspires more patriotism. 

House Bill 223 makes all colleges and universities do an annual review to check that students are having various viewpoints presented to them. In other words, H.B. 223 makes sure that Marxist ideology is not the only point of view being introduced to students at college. 

Senate Bill 1108 also gives more requirements to college and university students to learn more about the American system of government, rights and pass a test on it. This includes practical things like education on how to vote… but wait, haven’t leftists been saying that Republicans are trying to secretly stop people from voting? 

‘Students Can Learn About Real Patriots’

In addition to the practical requirements, DeSantis announced that a Portraits in Patriotism course; this course teaches students about people who fled totalitarian regimes and will also be a key component of these bills. 

DeSantis said he wants students to really see it from a human perspective, not just as an idea. 

America’s systems aren’t just good in theory, they’re good in practice. 

The Florida governor wants to demonstrate that by making sure students get to hear the stories of brave men and women who left dictatorships like Vietnam, Cuba and other similar regimes. 

DeSantis is absolutely correct here. 

If students are left to the clutches of leftists they will only learn critical race theory and about how bad America supposedly is.

It’s up to governors and others to take charge during this difficult time. It’s necessary to introduce legislation that’s pro-American and pro-common sense so that youngsters and even teenagers get exposed to more patriotic perspectives that help shape their worldview.