Florida Governor DeSantis Has Genius Idea About COVID Vaccine Mandates

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis does something that’s rare these days in American politics. He uses common sense. As the vaccine mandate is pushed through in many blue states, DeSantis has resisted.

The Florida governor also has plans to sign legislation into law to make sure his state doesn’t become part of the Biden regime’s bio-fascist system.

As COVID cases hit the lowest in the country in Florida, DeSantis has now come out with a brilliant idea for what to do if businesses want to mandate the COVID vaccines for their employees.

What is DeSantis’ Idea?

DeSantis’ idea is if businesses want to mandate the COVID vaccine for employees, then they should be legally liable for any negative reactions employees have to the vaccines. That sounds completely logical to me. What about to you?

In the special session where he’s calling back the state legislature, DeSantis said it’s important to stand up to the “insanity” being pushed by the federal government and blue states. As such, DeSantis and the Florida legislature will be protecting employees from businesses that want to fire them over not getting COVID shots.

Despite him protecting businesses from burdensome COVID regulations, DeSantis said he’s disappointed to see some of them now turn around and betray him by trying to force employees to get vaccines.

How Exactly Will Florida Employees be Protected?

DeSantis will be putting through a number of protections for Florida workers. The first and most important is any private businesses that mandate vaccines for their employees will be legally responsible for proven side effects from those vaccines.

As DeSantis said, when it comes to businesses that want to push a vaccine that could hurt people, that’s “on them.” It sure is. In addition, any businesses that fire employees who don’t get the shot will lose their liability protections which shielded them from loss of income, due to COVID downturns.

As for employees who lost their jobs over the vaccine (but are categorized as being dismissed “for cause”), they will become eligible for unemployment benefits so businesses aren’t able to have a secret persecution system for the unvaccinated.

DeSantis Stands Up for the Constitution

As DeSantis said, it’s up to him to speak out against “unconstitutional” rules coming through to hurt his state. The legislature will come in and put through these laws, hopefully during this special session. Then, DeSantis will sign them into law.

DeSantis is the strongest champion for liberty in America today. He understands that if nobody does anything in the laws and practices at the state level, this wave of anti-American garbage is going to drown us all.

Thank God somebody is standing up to the Biden regime and its bio-fascist insanity.