Finally Some American Patriotism Rises Up at the Tokyo Olympics

The Tokyo Olympics have been good for America. We currently have 25 gold medals, only slightly behind China at 32. The problem at the Olympics has been the leftist extremism and lack of patriotism for our great nation.

First there was soccer star Megan Rapinoe, taking a knee during the National Athem to protest racism. Then there was Raven Saunders putting her arms up in an X shape and Gwen Berry standing with her back against our flag.

It’s been sad to see the lack of love for America. We sent them there, we cheered them on, and they repaid us with scorn.

Would they rather be playing for Communist China? The good news is that at least one of our Olympic heroines loves America.

Meet Tamyra Mensah-Stock

Tamyra Mensah-Stock is a Chicago-born wrestler and she’s now a gold medalist for Team USA! In addition to her skills on the mat, Mensah-Stock is a patriot who loves America.

She won out over Nigeria in order to score the top honors at the games and was interviewed after about what it means to her. Mensah-Stock said she wants to be someone who young women “see themselves” in and she praised “the grace of God” for leading her to victory.

This young patriot said that after all the intense training, practice and belief in herself, she trusts God to give her strength. As for the importance of representing America? It’s huge for her, Mensah-Stock said, adding that “I love it!”

Mensah-Stock’s Path to Victory

Mensah-Stock had to beat out Japan, China and Ukraine before advancing on to face her opponent from Nigeria, an experienced wrestler called Blessing Oborududu. As Mensah-Stock said, to be the best, you must “beat the best.”

Mensah-Stock is only 28 and she started wrestling in her high school years when she got picked on by other students and wasn’t sure what to do. Her sister came up with the idea of getting into wrestling with the school team, so that’s what she did.

Wrestling continued on for Mensah-Stock at post-secondary school in Texas, going on to great success. Sadly, her dad died in a car accident in high school, but Mensah-Stock has never forgot him and says he would be her biggest fan today.

Let’s Celebrate This American Icon!

Mensah-Stock plans to use the $37,500 from her gold for buying her mom a food truck, saying “it’s her dream.” Although she now only eats fish and not other meats due to her diet, Mensah-Stock praised her mom’s barbecue which she does “really, really, really well.”

This young lady is a breath of fresh air. She loves the USA, loves God and loves her family. At least some of us are still being raised right! Don’t forget to cheer on Team USA and keep up with the medal count here.