Fight Between Joe Rogan and CNN Reaches Next Level

Podcaster Joe Rogan has been in an ongoing fight with CNN; that’s because they can’t stop lying about him. Rogan even has a lawsuit pending against the fake news network.

The center of the issue is Rogan’s past successful fight against COVID; his doctor prescribed him ivermectin for humans, in addition to various other treatments, such as prednisone and monoclonal antibodies.

It worked, and Rogan got better. However, CNN decided to lie about it and say Rogan was an idiot who’d taken a horse dewormer and didn’t believe in science.

Lying About Ivermectin

Ivermectin is considered an “essential” medicine by the World Health Organization. It is a basic and simple treatment for parasites, which also helps prevent COVID. There are two forms of it: for animals and for humans.

The past three decades have seen more than 3.7 billion ivermectin pills taken by people around the world. Believe me, they weren’t taking “horse dewormer.”

When Rogan called CNN out on their lies and said he was considering launching a lawsuit over the lies, CNN decided instead of apologizing and correcting the record, they’d just double down.

They had on fake doctor and vaccine pusher, Sanjay Gupta, to continue with the false narrative. Gupta and Don Lemon joked about how stupid Rogan was and how useless ivermectin is in treating COVID.

Two superior liberals sitting in a pod. It must feel nice to lie about someone and feel better than everyone just because you believe the garbage lies of Dr. Fauci…but Rogan wasn’t done yet.

Rogan Fires Back, Calls Don Lemon a ‘Dumb Motherf***er’

Gay sexual predator Don Lemon (who has charges pending against him) thinks he can lie about anything he wants. Rogan expected Lemon would admit he was wrong once he talked about suing CNN. Rogan also explained on his show it’s a “lie” what CNN was saying about him taking horse dewormer.

Rogan even had Gupta on his show to explain why they were wrong about ivermectin and his taking of it. However, when Rogan recently saw Lemon and Gupta joking around still about horse dewormer, he’d just about had enough.

Rogan fired back, calling Lemon a “dumb motherf***er” and saying he was a liar who knew he was spreading false information.

Rogan Slams CNN and Its ‘Absolutely Untrue’ Statements

One of the funniest things about this whole fight between Rogan and CNN is Rogan isn’t even conservative. He’s simply a left-leaning libertarian who didn’t want to be told lies by our medical establishment.

Unfortunately for him, that made him target number one to the sick creeps who are running our country’s media and health authorities. Therefore, they decided to lie about and defame Rogan.

Will Don Lemon finally admit he’s wrong or does he want more of the Joe Rogan experience?