Fearless Trump Turns Indictment to His Favor

Former President Trump turned his recent indictment and arraignment in his favor by making his appearance at the NYC court into a powerful campaign video.

A Fake Indictment Ordeal

Trump was arraigned in a New York City court last week presided by Judge Juan Merchan. His daughter is connected to the campaigns of Democratic President Joe Biden and his no less embarrassing veep Kamala Harris.

Trump pleaded not guilty to a long list of 34 alleged financial crimes of falsifying tax papers. This comes over the accusation that in 2016, his lawyer Michael Cohen gave a “hush-money” bribe to porn actress Stormy Daniels.

The payment was supposedly intended to keep Daniels from disclosing a 2006 affair she claims to have had with Trump. The case against Trump is so ludicrous that even anti-Trump legal academics, such as Alan Dershowitz and Jonathan Turley, blasted it and predicted it wouldn’t hold.

Nevertheless, on Holy Saturday, Trump posted a new campaign video on YouTube, whose description consists of a single word: “Indictment.”

The minute-long video depicts the ordeal that Trump physically had to go through by appearing in court to be arraigned, The Gateway Pundit reported.

MAGA Will Prevail

The video is only the second post Trump has made on YouTube.

Trump’s anti-indictment video starts with the voice of Fox News anchor Sean Hannity as he covers it and then features quotes from several other pundits, predicting that Alvin Bragg’s “idiotic prosecution” would backfire.

Trump’s voice is heard towards the end of the clip as he declares that his only crime has been to “fearlessly defend” the American nation from those seeking “to destroy it.”

He insists that we can’t let the “radical left lunatics” obliterate free American elections by weaponizing law enforcement. Trump concludes that despite the “very dark cloud” over the nation at present, “we” are going to “make America great again.”