FBI Arrest Proves Pointless Due to Bail Reform

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Absurd criminal processing reforms strike again.

Last week, two men thought to be affiliated with Mexican drug cartels were set free, due to bail laws in the state, despite being caught with over $1 million in methamphetamines.

DEA special agent Frank A. Tarentino III believes the drugs made their way over to the US purposely to flood the country and expand the cartel’s reach.

This inadvertently leads to an increase in meth addicts in the US, as well as a major increase in profit margins for these heinous criminals.

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$1.2 million in meth does not equal jail time?

The two men, Luis Estrada and Carlos Santos, were arrested during their trip from California to New York; here, they originally attempted to transport the 165 pounds of meth in their rent-a-car.

According to the authorities responsible for the arrest, Estrada was the first one of the two to be arrested. He was caught carrying a suitcase containing over 40 pounds of the drug outside the Marriot hotel in Lower Manhattan.

Only three days later, Santos was also apprehended, with police claiming to have found him cutting open two large air canisters filled with over 100 pounds of meth in the Inwood neighborhood of Manhattan.

Unfortunately, only a day later, despite being caught ever-so-obviously red-handed, the two drug smugglers were released, due to the state’s 2019 bail reforms.

This caused Estrada and Santos to only be charged with second-degree possession of a controlled substance, instead of a narcotic.

New York’s meth usage spikes

Apparently, the state of New York considers meth not to be a narcotic.

This doesn’t exactly sit right with New York’s prosecutors, one of which is Bridget Brennan, who believes not including methamphetamine was a major oversight.

Brennan clarifies at the time when officials initiated the bail law change, New York wasn’t considered to be a major distribution point for the drug. This ultimately led to authorities losing their power to demand bail even in cases like this one.

The sudden influx of meth onto New York’s streets is the best indicator of how the Mexican cartels do business. Considering the dangerous side effects of this highly-addictive drug, it also shows that they do not care for the death toll these substances bring.

In fact, the New York Department of Health reported, in 2020 alone, there were nearly 190 meth-related overdoses, with the majority of them being connected to drugs laced with fentanyl, a dangerous drug taking America by storm.

More data shows the number of meth users between the ages of 12 and 25 increased from 1.5 million to 1.9 million in just three years, with major spikes in numbers starting with meth’s status being changed to a controlled substance.

At the moment, both of the men involved in the trafficking case are presumed innocent until proven guilty. That goes to show exactly how much damage liberal reforms and policies are doing to this once beautiful country.