Fauci is Trying to Cancel Christmas

Anthony Fauci thinks he’s the leader of the universe, but he’s really just a sad old globalist puppet. By now, America has woken up to his lies and we’re not amused in any way.

The problem is there are still millions of our fellow citizens who think Fauci is a brilliant scientist who’s trying to save lives. Now, he’s coming to cancel Christmas and we need to speak out against his propaganda.

Here’s what’s happening…

Fauci Wants to Ruin Your Family’s Christmas

Speaking in a recent interview, Fauci said all those who are vaccinated are able to have Christmas as normal. Well, thank you, Lord Fauci.

However, for the dirty unvaxxed masses, Fauci had less respect. He said before you have any sort of family gathering for the holidays, you should check that all your relatives are vaccinated.

This is especially true if you are having celebrations in an “indoor” setting and things like “dinners.” Yes, Dr. Fauci, that’s what Christmas tends to involve.

Is this guy some kind of extraterrestrial? He even manages to make the holidays sound clinical and joyless, like some kind of medical procedure.

It’s Christmas, for God’s sake. Lighten up, Dr. Fauci, but no, he wants you to check grandma’s vaccine status at the door before she comes in for Christmas dinner. Who does this man think he is?

‘Require Proof’ From Family, or Don’t Let Them In

According to Fauci, you should “require proof” that family is vaccinated before letting them in your house for Christmas. There are two main things here to consider, here.

The first thing is the vaccines don’t stop the infection or transmission of COVID and you can still die from COVID if you have the vaccine. Also, you can die from the vaccine.

The second thing to consider is around 40% of Americans aren’t vaccinated. That includes many families where some people are vaccinated and others aren’t.

This basically means Fauci wants to cause a Christmas civil war within families and turn them into hostile places. He wants your uncle to say, “papers, please” before welcoming you into the family home.

Is nothing sacred for these Democrats? They want to destroy Christmas from within and pretend it’s for public health? We see what they are doing, and we are not impressed.

The Bottom Line

Fauci said he didn’t spend Thanksgiving with his family and won’t be having Christmas with his family either in order to be safe. I thought the vaccines protected you? Why can’t he attend?

Regardless, Fauci’s Christmas plans are his business. Why won’t he let the rest of us make our own Christmas plans too?

Hey, Fauci: mind your own business. If you want to spend Christmas lonely, that’s up to you. Don’t force your misery and paranoia on the rest of us.