Fauci is the Grinch Who Stole Christmas

Dr. Tony Fauci is a complete failure of a man who’s dragged this country down into an endless pandemic through his own misinformation and incompetence. His advice to President Trump and Joe Biden has been terrible.

His warnings and threats to the American people have been shameful and abusive, leading to no actual improvements in COVID or the situation itself. It seems that some still haven’t learned their lessons, however, and are inviting Fauci back on air to spew his lies.

Fake news proprietor Margaret Brennan over at CBS had Fauci on recently, where she asked him if it’s safe for Americans to meet for Christmas this year. Yes, she actually asked him that.

Fauci Says Christmas is Probably Cancelled

During the interview with Brennan, Fauci said it’s “too soon” to say whether Christmas is cancelled, but there’s a good chance it will be unless we get “numbers down.” Who is this guy that he gets to cancel Christmas?

Fauci said it’s important to use “laser” focus to get people vaccinated and get them booster shots. He said this will “greatly” help to bring down infection numbers and stop the more serious cases of COVID that lead to hospitalizations.

As conservative commentator Mary Katharine Ham said, Fauci has made it very clear even moderate COVID or light COVID is not OK. Now, he’s saying that it’s OK as long as you had the vaccine. What in the world is this guy smoking?

Fauci’s beliefs are horrific, ignorant, and obsessive. All he seems to care about is getting this precious vaccine in everyone’s arms, even if it still leaves many with moderate and sometimes severe COVID infections afterwards.

Fauci, Fauci, Go Away…

Fauci needs to do what’s best for himself and for America. He needs to go away into quiet retirement (in prison). He’s misled the nation more than enough and we have no need of his fearmongering and lies any longer.

Fauci’s public health policies are based on his own ignorance of science and megalomaniacal obsession with the vaccine. There is more in this world than the vaccine, and even if everyone gets two shots, I bet anything Fauci would say they shouldn’t meet in groups until they get their third booster shot. It just never ends…

However, the truth is the other half of America that’s still sane simply isn’t listening to people like Fauci anymore. We could care less what he has to say with his whining voice.

Stop Giving Fauci Power

The lesson here is we need to stop giving Fauci power. He’s a sad little man who wants to control all of our lives, but he has no actual right to do so. In the worst case scenario, just get a pocket Constitution, wave it in his face, and tell him to back off.