Fake News CNN Don Lemon’s Problems Just Got a Lot Bigger

CNN is in a downward slide that may take the whole network down. The network’s years of lies, corruption, and perversion are finally catching up to it.

There was legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin, who was caught masturbating on a Zoom call. Then, there was Don Lemon, accused of sexual assault at a Long Island bar.

Next, there was host Chris Cuomo, fired several days ago for trying to help his brother Andrew Cuomo dodge sexual harassment accusations.

However, now new problems with Lemon are coming to light that his lawyers are going to have an even harder time burying under technicalities and delays.

Let’s Go Back in Time…

Don Lemon loves to attack conservatives and act like he’s on a high moral level above ignorant, traditional Americans. When Jussie Smollett, a fellow gay black actor, claimed he’d been attacked by racist Trump supporters in January of 2019, Lemon jumped at the chance to boost his narrative.

The story made national headlines and the leftist media hyped it as much as possible. The story was a lie. Smollett paid people to fake it so he could make even more money for his acting work on the show Empire. 

The Smollett trial is currently going on, where Smollett is facing charges for lying and wasting police time and resources on his hoax.

One of the things which has emerged in Smollett’s sworn statements is he talked to Lemon about the supposed crime that happened. Lemon actually sent Smollett a text to give him a heads up the Chicago PD was internally skeptical about the attack.

In other words, Lemon tried to help Smollett build a more believable story so the fake narrative could continue to build steam.

Lemon’s Lies

During his reporting on the trial today, Lemon completely failed to mention anything about his ongoing interactions with Smollett. Lemon admitted he texted Smollett on a daily basis after the attack.

However, what he didn’t say is that he wasn’t just texting to offer support to a fellow gay black actor. He was also texting to try to actively influence the outcome of the case.

Another person who tried to interfere in a case is Chris Cuomo, who believed his brother Andrew Cuomo was innocent of sex harassment charges. Chris, therefore, tried to influence the news and case so his brother could stay on as New York governor.

Cuomo is now without a job. Why does Lemon still have a job?

The Bottom Line

Lemon is a crook and a liar. He’s not just a man with an opinion; he’s a predator with an agenda. His involvement in the Smollett case is already enough to get him turfed, just on the facts alone.

His continuing coverage of it, despite his past involvement, is another level of malpractice. This guy is a sick propaganda joke.