Facebook Assists Federal Government in Arresting Jan. 6 MAGA Capitol Riot Participants

Facebook Screenshot by codemastersnake is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Facebook is one of the key parts of Big Tech that wants to censor and silence conservatives. The progressive California company has repeatedly been caught trying to shut down conservative points of view and censor and control information that benefits the Democrats and left-wing politicians.

What’s also become clear to many people over the years is that Facebook isn’t free because of generosity. It’s free because you’re the product. Your information is valuable to them and many clients, not to mention that there’s now enough advertising scrolling through Facebook to fill an ocean.

The latest news should come as no surprise to anyone:

Facebook has allegedly been using its military-level facial recognition software to assist federal law enforcement in catching people who took part in the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. This includes people who put up photos long after the event that appeared to show them at the scene.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg at the EP by European Parliament is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Facebook Denies Reports

According to Facebook, the company hasn’t actively helped law enforcement by identifying suspects. It just gave out data from facial recognition if and when the federal government first made a request asking for it. Cheryl Sandberg, who heads up Facebook’s operations, said that Facebook wasn’t one of the main locations where the protests on Jan. 6 were planned and organized.

There’s two obvious things to point out here:

One: Facebook obviously leans progressive and would be eager to help law enforcement find Jan. 6 suspects as much as possible. And two: Facebook has a specific vested interest in arguing it wasn’t a main platform for the protests to be planned, even though there’s plenty of evidence it was widely used.

The fact that people used Facebook to plan large conservative protests is definitely not encouraging if we’re talking about intelligence. It should be well known by anyone with a brain at this point that Facebook has no privacy and will end up turning on anyone who isn’t progressive sooner or later.

The Many Dangers of Big Tech

Facebook only admitted that it’s been working with the government in a special report that was released recently where it also outlined its use of Artificial Intelligence and algorithms to delete “hate” content and comments or posts that go against Facebook’s standards.

Even though the platform allows all sorts of threats and hate speech from leftists and progressives, we are supposed to believe it takes these things very seriously and actually cares about consistently enforcing its regulations.

The thing with “hate” is that all the power then resides with the platform or company who gets to define what that means and what the penalties should be for committing that unpardonable offence.

Generally the penalties will be removal from the platform or even forming of an online mob to make you lose your job, community standing and public respect – or in this case to hand you off to law enforcement for getting too enthusiastic at a Stop the Steal rally.

It’s crystal clear by now that Facebook is just a Big Tech data dump where you will be followed and spied on by AI algorithms that get fed straight into the global spy net. Your illusion of freedom will quickly be stripped away from you by your Silicon Valley overlords in the event of any issue as this news is demonstrating.

Facebook is a giant Eye of Sauron and despite the positive things it allows like messaging friends and family, sharing photos and playing fun games or sharing your thoughts and emotions, it’s time for everyone who values privacy to stop using the platform.