European Tourist in South America Killed by a Shark

Shark attacks are supposed to be a scary thing that only happens in movies, but unfortunately, they’re becoming more and more common.

They often happen to people who are on vacation and snorkeling around or swimming in places they don’t know a lot about. Then, they go a little off the beaten track, and presto! a shark comes and eats them.

The latest horrific case involves an Italian tourist who was vacationing in Colombia.

What Happened?

According to reports, Antonio Abruzzi was vacationing in San Andres, Colombia. This picturesque island is a popular spot with tourists and is between Colombia and Nicaragua.

Abruzzi, 56, was hoping to enjoy the island. He went swimming around some tranquil waters near a popular area in southwest San Andres. It’s called La Piscinita (the little swimming pool) and is a beautiful area of the island.

This was a day of horrible luck for Abruzzi, however, as a giant tiger shark approached rapidly and savagely bit him in the leg while he was swimming.

In intense pain and bleeding heavily, Abruzzi was rescued by others nearby who tried to carry him to safety. However, he was bleeding so heavily that he was unable to be saved and died shortly after.

More Details Emerge

According to reports, Abruzzi was swimming next to a high cliff when the attack occurred. The tiger shark was apparently about 8-feet long and there were not many swimmers around when it happened.

Abruzzi was still conscious after he was bitten and started yelling for help, which is when people came and were shocked to see a man bleeding all over the ground.

Local experts, such as diving teacher Mirla Zambrano, say this is highly shocking and this kind of thing never happens on their island.

Even when out on group dive classes and they see sharks, the sharks rarely even come close and certainly don’t attack.

This awful incident has people very worried on the island and, frankly, around the world, as they wonder if anybody is safe from a sudden shark attack.

The Bottom Line

If you’re going on vacation, have a great time…but if you swim or snorkel in an ocean, please be highly cautious about sharks.

Not all sharks are harmless and they don’t always avoid humans. As we see from this tragic case with the Italian tourist, a shark doesn’t need to bite your head off to kill you, either.

Just one massive bite of your body or leg can have you bleed to death rapidly.

There were 73 unprovoked shark attacks last year alone which killed 11 people, up to triple from pandemic levels. The vast majority, 47, occurred in the US in states like Florida, while there were 12 in Australia.

Most shark bites are not fatal, but they can be. Please be careful out there and practice shark safety.