Eric Trump Drops Mega Truth Bomb, Leaving the Nation Stunned

Eric Trump and Lara Trump by Thru_the_Glass is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

There are many strong supporters of former President Trump.

Yet, one of the biggest is his own son Eric, who is also VP of the Trump Organization.

Eric isn’t only Trump’s son: he’s also a conservative, a gun owner and a patriotic American. For that reason, he’s sick and tired of hearing liberal lies about his dad and about the MAGA movement. 

Recently, Eric dropped a mega truth bomb appearing on the Sean Hannity Show. 

He also revealed a key piece of information that could change America’s future.

President Trump at his desk by The White House is marked with CC PDM 1.0

Eric Says ‘Very Real’ Chance Trump Runs in 2024

For one thing, Eric revealed that there’s a “very real possibility” Trump will run again in 2024 and he also said that people are coming to him all over the place saying they miss having his dad in charge. 

Trump said that “more people” have approached him on the streets to give him hugs and say they miss having his dad in office. Trump also noted that many people who show up have “tears in their eyes” as they talk about missing the 45th president.

Eric said that he considers the Biden Administration and Democrats to be dragging America down into the mud.

Trump stated that with each passing day, Biden-era policies are “taking down the country” and hurting the dominance of the nation on the world stage. 

This is why Eric says that it’s so important to have someone back who loves America and fights for it no matter what. In other words, his dad. 

On the prospect of 2024, Eric stated that Trump loves the United States and has a willingness to fight for it.

The former first son ultimately stated that a “very, very good chance” exists from a Trump 2024 run.

Calling Out Biden’s Bull

Biden is letting Russia build their Nord Stream 2 pipeline to Europe, only days after a Russia-linked group hacked the Colonial pipeline, and after he blocked the Keystone XL pipeline here in America. 

Eric described Biden’s decision to cancel U.S. pipelines as “ironic.” This came before he noted the adverse effect of the hacking of Colonial pipeline. 

Biden’s also soft on Israel and basically letting his VP Kamala Harris run foreign policy, which is clearly a disaster. The same goes for the Southern border crisis that keeps getting worse.

Finally, Eric stated that the Biden-Harris administration is void of fight, motivation, charisma, drive, and energy. This comes as the current White House administration refuses to act or present solutions to the problems they themselves created. 

When it comes to Trump there’s just one real question left for everyone reading this article:

Do you miss him yet?