Employers are Massively Increasing the Use of Robots and AI

Artificial Intelligence & AI & Machine Learning by mikemacmarketing is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the way we work forever.

It’s also crushed out many jobs that will never return.

As the globalists line up their ducks for the so-called “Great Reset,” one of the key tools is the use of artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics technology. 

You aren’t needed for your job anymore because a robot or a computer program can do it.

The pandemic has provided the perfect excuse for you to get a check from the government and sit at home watching Netflix while your industry disappears and you become a dependent peasant relying on the federal government. 

What a coincidence:

Just as President Trump was attempting to stand up against China stealing the rest of our jobs and the impact of technology was being buffered by America First trade policies a random global pandemic hit that got Trump out of office and destroyed all those jobs that were teetering on the edge. 

Really makes you think. 

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence by mikemacmarketing is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Adios, American Worker!

The economy is slowly starting to come back. It’s boosted by the policies Trump had already put in place including Operation Warp Speed and the vaccine rollout, but of course Biden is taking credit for everything. 

Just as we have seen with billionaires and anti-American left-wing corporations getting massively richer during the pandemic, the globalist traitors at the core of the government-corporate nexus aren’t going to let the economy come back and just be cool with a win-win situation.

They’re going to win, and American workers are going to lose even harder. 

Translation: as jobs start to come back from the pandemic disaster, corporations are going to giving them away to robots and AI programs, not to humans. 

Oh, you wanted your job back? Sorry, we just can’t do that: corporate policy and all. Maybe Biden will give you another check or build a Green Energy wind farm near your house or get you on a minimum wage assembly line cranking out solar panels made of harmful plastic that hurts the environment. 

What sectors are having millions of jobs replaced by AI and robots? 

Honestly, almost all of them:

Distribution, transport, industrial and precision manufacturing, automotive industry, hospitality, public services, retail, food service, airports, cleaning, toll booths, assembly lines, and much, much more.

The robots are here to stay and they won’t be ever giving your job back. First our sick government did nothing to protect us from the Chinese communist machine stealing all our jobs, now they’ll gladly hand over those that remain to faceless robots and computer programs as they increase the power of Big Business Socialism (aka “socialism for the rich, capitalism for the poor.”)

Surge of Demand for Robots

The demand for robots is surging, with US orders up over 20% just in the first quarter of 2021. Companies want automation because it increases their profits. According to the globalist World Economic Forum led by Klaus “Great Reset” Schwab, 50% of corporations plan to increase automation at their firms. 

We’ve already seen the vehicle sector destroy entire cities like Detroit through automation, but now it’s spreading everywhere. Smaller robotic creatures and AI programs can now do jobs far faster and cheaper than any human being, including in growing industries like online shopping and product sorting and delivery. 

Even jobs like toll collectors are going out the window. 

One woman named Kelly who’s 53 from Pittsburgh used to make decent money at $25/hour working the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Then PA announced collectors were a goner by 2022 with a new digital system being put in. Well, at least Kelly still had her job until then…

Nope. COVID-19 hit and she was laid off. 

“We gave a warm, human aspect to the job, and we were replaced by technology,” she said. “I was only essential when it suited them,” Kelly said. “When you’re 50 years old, to start something new is troublesome,” she added. 

You can say that again.