Elon Musk’s Fight Over Twitter Goes Up in Flames

Elon Musk made huge waves recently when he joined the board of Twitter and bought 9% of the company.

However, liberal elites truly panicked several days ago when the South African-born billionaire and inventor offered up $43 million to buy all of Twitter.

In a letter sent to the company, Musk said this was his only and “final” offer and he would not play a “game” of arguing or haggling over price.

This bid basically forces Twitter to accept the offer or resign from angry shareholders who are losing out on a great deal.

Though now a new obstacle is coming up for Musk.

Musk’s New Roadblock

The new problem that’s happening for Musk is opposition from Twitter board member Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, who owns an unknown amount of Twitter stock.

He said Musk’s offer of $54.20 per share is far less than the company’s real potential and value; therefore, he and the “Kingdom of Saudi Arabia” reject Musk’s offer.

The second biggest investment firm on the planet after Blackrock called Vanguard Group also bought up more shares so that it now owns 10.3%, and is a bigger owner than Musk.

Together with the Saudi prince, they could band together to defeat Musk’s big to buy Twitter and have an influential voice in protecting free speech. Of course, all of this raises a question.

Why exactly is a fascist dictatorship in the Middle East and a global multinational group of shadowy elites deciding who can and cannot buy Twitter?

Just Two Questions, If I May…

Musk responded to Talal’s threatening tweet by asking how much Saudi Arabians own in Twitter stock and what its government thinks of free speech.

As a key upholder of the world’s petrodollar, Saudi Arabia is crucial to the US dollar remaining as the world’s reserve currency. Its involvement in our free speech and interference in our foreign affairs and the economy is well documented.

As for Saudi Arabia’s beliefs on free speech, being an atheist is illegal in that nation, and protesters are routinely arrested and disappeared if they speak out against its corrupt, anti-woman dictatorship.

Yet, Twitter bans conservatives for using the wrong pronouns or saying they love President Trump. That’s what Musk is trying to change; that’s why he’s facing a mountain of resistance from some of the worst people in the world.

Is There a Plan B?

If Musk is stopped from buying Twitter from these globalist games, does he have a plan B?

He was asked just yesterday at a TED event in Vancouver, Canada. Musk said there is a plan B, but he didn’t want to say more details about what it is.

With an estimated net worth of $273 billion, Musk is officially considered the richest person on earth.

There is a lot he could do with that money, including start his own social media network or provide a boost to Trump’s TRUTH Social.