Elon Musk Hosts ‘Saturday Night Live’ in Funny Performance

Elon Musk Dreaming of a Brighter Future by jurvetson is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Elon Musk has done the impossible: he got people to watch “Saturday Night Live” again. 

The deeply unfunny leftist propaganda show was hosted by Musk this Saturday, May 8, along with musical guest Miley Cyrus. 

The 49-year-old entrepreneur and founder of SpaceX and Tesla was funnier than the paid staff on the show for the simple reason that he was genuine and acted like his normal, awkward self, instead of the boring antics of the rest of the crew. 

“I’m the first person with Asperger’s syndrome to host the show,” Musk said during his opening monologue. “Or at least the first person to admit it.”

OnInnovation Interview, Elon Musk by OnInnovation is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

‘To Anyone Who’s Been Offended, I Just Want to Say…’

Talking about his sometimes bizarre tweets, Musk said that it’s just how his mind works. 

“Look, I know I sometimes say or post strange things, but that’s just how my brain works.”

“To anyone who’s been offended, I just want to say I reinvented electric cars, and I’m sending people to Mars in a rocket ship. Did you really think I was also going to be a chill, normal dude?”

Musk’s performances in the skits was pretty rough, but it was still funny to see him struggle with accents and go through some of the scenarios, including the opening one “Gen Z” hospital, which mocked youngsters and their weird way of talking on social media and Instagram. 

Musk plays a doctor who’s trying to tell a group of friends that their “work mom” (and one of their actual moms) has had a deadly accident, but they still just use the situation to gain Instagram clout. 

“You all might want to sit down, what I’m going to say might be a little cringe. Your bestie took a major L,” Musk’s character said. 

Musk’s Other Performances

In the other skits, Musk played a man who’s seeing people for the first time after quarantine and feels awkward about it, and also a director of an Iceland talk show where he wants to ask his cousin out on a date. 

He played the part of a financial expert on SNL’s massively unfunny leftist “Weekend Update” (which is hard to tell apart from actual liberal news channels). In his financial advisor role, Musk talked about cryptocurrency and the dogecoin (DOGE), which took a major dive after the SNL episode, going down about 30% instead of up as some had speculated. 

Musk also played an “evil Super Mario” character called “Wario” in a fake courtroom episode and watched as the unfunny Pete Davidson landed on Mars and ends up exploding his head by mistake by taking his helmet off. 

“Well, I did say people would die,” Musk says in the Mars expedition skit.

Musk is worth around $177 billion but has made headlines for his promotion and interest in cryptocurrency which he has invested large amounts of Tesla money in. Musk says he dreams of a future where “humans are an interplanetary species” and he is clearly an endlessly curious man who loves to invent, innovate and improve the world. 

It was interesting seeing Musk on SNL and he did a good job getting up in front of the world as a fairly socially awkward man with no acting experience. Having said that, SNL reminded people about why nobody watches it anymore, with most of its skits written by deeply untalented people and focused on mocking various identities and types of White people instead of actually…being funny. 

The nerves and line delivery might have been on Musk, but the bad writing was all on SNL and its awful creative team.