Effort to Expel Adam Schiff From Congress Started

On Wednesday, Florida’s Republican Representative Anna Paulina Luna put forth a resolution seeking the expulsion of Democratic Representative Adam Schiff from Congress.

This move by Luna was in response to Special Counsel John Durham’s recent report on the FBI’s investigation into potential Russian collusion with the Trump campaign.

Resolution Calls for Expulsion of Rep. Adam Schiff from House of Representatives

Durham’s exhaustive investigation concluded the FBI was unjustified in launching a probe into the Trump campaign.

The report highlighted that both the Department of Justice and the FBI failed in adhering to their crucial mission of stringent obedience to the law.

Schiff has been a consistent supporter of the theory of collusion between Trump and Russia, which has now been discredited by Durham’s findings.

Schiff Accused of Abusing Position, Misleading Public on Trump-Russia Collusion

Luna issued several statements while introducing her resolution on Wednesday. The Republican proclaimed from her official congressional Twitter account that Schiff misled the American public.

According to her, Schiff abused his position on the House Intelligence Committee to propagate a falsehood that resulted in a hefty cost for American taxpayers. She described Schiff as being a dishonor to the House of Representatives.

She also urged the House Ethics Committee to initiate an investigation into Schiff’s role in promoting the Trump-Russia collusion narrative.

Luna asserted that knowingly leveraging a position on House Intel to disseminate a lie that divided the nation, led to millions of dollars in taxpayer expenses, and sanctioned the spying on a US president made one unfit for office.

That’s especially when paired with supporting the deception after the release of the Durham report.

Earlier in the year, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy refrained from allowing Schiff to retain his position on the House Intelligence Committee. The House Speaker argued Schiff misled the American public on too many occasions.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.