2022 Economic Outlook Not Nearly as Good as Biden, Democrats Want You to Believe

If you listen to the Democrats and Joe Biden, our economy is doing great. We’re on the path to a smooth recovery; rising inflation is just a small bump in the road. If you believe that, I have an oceanfront property to sell you in Arizona.

The fact of the matter is the coming year is going to see some recovery; that’s undeniable. New statistics show a positive image for the whole world, with travel picking back up and some idea of normal returning.

Stop Believing in a Miracle

The US economy is not magically just popping back. High inflation and the many people fired for not getting the COVID vaccine are going to have a slow-motion effect.

However, Biden and the Democrats don’t care. They are more than willing to sacrifice economic growth for the sake of their globalist ideology.

The good news is leading industry analysts do expect global travel to increase by over 37% in 2022; however, they don’t expect travel, the airlines, and other industries to make a full comeback until 2024.

As we’ve seen, the supply chain is close to collapsing, especially in places like California. Meanwhile, the focus on vaccination and obsession with closing borders is still throwing a huge wrench in trade and logistics.

Businesses are still struggling to adapt to the new reality, and the portrayal of everything as rosy is very deceptive. Globalist bank Goldman Sachs, for example, is claiming things are pretty much great now.

However, they’re in the tank for big government, high taxes, and the Build Back Better agenda. So, of course, they’re saying that!

The Truth About 2022

The truth about 2022 is things could be so much better. If Trump was in office, or a common-sense Republican like Ron DeSantis, we would have an actual leader at the helm.

People would not be losing their jobs over their personal medical decisions about an experimental “vaccine.” Also, they would be confident to live in a country that wasn’t being flooded by illegal immigrants, having its energy industry torn up, or being shamed on the foreign stage.

We need to start getting real about the effects inflation and high spending are having on real American families. We’re not living in a Democrat campaign ad; we’re living in the real world, and in the real world, things are not good at all for normal people.

The promise of central banks and leftists everywhere is heavy spending and taxation will spur some kind of magical renewal. If we push electric cars on everyone and tax the crap out of the rich, somehow regular folks will start having a great life.

The truth is President Trump had us on a great track toward economic growth and energy independence. Then, Biden flushed it all straight down the toilet and betrayed our country.