Dr. Oz Drama: The TV Host is Still Causing Waves in the GOP

The Republican establishment is unimpressed with Dr. Oz.

While reassuring supporters the organization still has a chance of reclaiming control without Pennsylvania, Republican senators’ marketing arm is quietly raising concerns about doctor Mehmet Oz’s quest for the Senate.

What’s the Plan?

According to numerous people who spoke with Politico, the National Republican Senate Committee expressed worries about Oz’s underwhelming funding and polling numbers at least three times in the last few weeks.

According to a participant in a fundraiser call last week that concentrated on Senate races around the nation, NRSC leaders emphasized Oz’s bad poll results, especially his high unfavorability ratings.

This was an alarm bell, the person claimed, adding everyone is “truly freaking out” over Oz’s terrible reputation with voters.

On the phone conversation, NRSC representatives attempted to ease supporters’ concerns and reassure them that even in the absence of an Oz victory, conservatives could still regain the majority in the Senate.

In order to capture the 50-50 split Senate this year, the GOP only needs to defeat one Democrat.

While attempting to win areas like Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, and New Hampshire, conservatives must also protect other significant swing states, like Wisconsin, as well as North Carolina.

It would be a serious setback for the Republican Party if they were unable to retain retiring GOP Sen. Pat Toomey’s seat in Pennsylvania.

In public surveys, John Fetterman, the Democratic contender for the Senate, has routinely trailed Oz.

He’s been trailing Oz most notably by 11 percent in a Fox News national poll this week. Despite his enemy’s own problems and the overall positive political climate for Republicans in the country, Oz faces obstacles.

For instance, Fetterman experienced a stroke in May. Since then, he hasn’t participated in any public events. Although the Democratic contender recently claimed to be fully capable of running; it is unclear how actively he will be able to lobby.

Can the GOP Win Without Oz?

A representative of the NRSC again attempted to assuage contributors’ concerns during a subsequent call with contributors in mid-July.

During this call, the NRSC wound up highlighting Oz’s weak fundraising and polling results and asserting that conservatives could win back the Senate without Pennsylvania if needed.

During the conversation in mid-July, an NRSC representative reportedly added, “We have a way with Pennsylvania and don’t fear; we have a pathway without Pennsylvania.”

According to Chris Hartline, NRSC spokesman, the group is dedicated to ultimately winning the Pennsylvania election during this year’s November midterms.

However, Hartline refuted comments attributed to NRSC workers. This refusal came after the article was published, claiming the following:

“Any inference that we do not have complete faith in the Oz campaign and our probability of victory PA is wrong.”

This article appeared in The Patriot Brief and has been published here with permission.