Dr. Fauci Admits He Hasn’t Been Telling the Truth About COVID

Anthony S. Fauci, M.D., Director, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) by National Institutes of Health (NIH) is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

With Washington, D.C. recently renaming a day to Dr. Anthony Fauci Day, it’s perfectly clear that progressives are in love with the man.

Fauci is enabling their ongoing pandemic power grab every step of the way, and moving the goalposts as much as necessary in order to keep restrictions tight and keep pushing the party line.

Lying About Herd Immunity

The thing with Fauci is that because he knows he has so much support he’s OK with admitting that he’s lied. He admitted this past summer that he lied about the usefulness of masks in order to make sure health providers got masks before the public. Basically the CDC told people not to worry too much about wearing masks at first.

As Fauci said at the time:

“Many people were saying this, were concerned that it was at a time when personal protective equipment, including the N95 masks and the surgical masks, were in very short supply,” Fauci noted. “And we wanted to make sure that the people namely, the health care workers, who were brave enough to put themselves in a harm way, to take care of people who you know were infected with the coronavirus and the danger of them getting infected.”

Now a new “truth adjustment” has come out.

It turns out that herd immunity won’t happen once 60 to 70% of the population is vaccinated as Fauci formerly estimated. Now it will take around “85%.” Watch those goalposts move!

Fauci’s Latest Blooper

According to Fauci, his new opinion about herd immunity is because the CDC has new information that changes his previous estimate. However after saying this he admitted in an interview the next day that it’s mostly just that he adapts what he says to what he feels people are ready to ehar.

“When polls said only about half of all Americans would take a vaccine, I was saying herd immunity would take 70 to 75 percent,” he admitted. “Then, when newer surveys said 60 percent or more would take it, I thought, ‘I can nudge this up a bit,’ so I went to 80, 85.”

You heard right. That’s the sainted Dr. Tony Fauci admitting that the numbers he is telling millions of panicking Americans are basically made up in order to pressure people to get the shot. It’s not about science, it’s about public relations.


How smart does it seem to break down public trust when you are trying to get people to literally trust you with their lives? It’s insane.

Bill Gates at NIH by National Institutes of Health (NIH) is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Crossing the Line

Fauci seems like a decent person, but in his role leading us through this pandemic he has distorted the truth beyond all recognition.

The hypocrisy of people like California Governor Gavin Newsom breaking his own lockdown rules or Fauci constantly changing what he says and then admitting it’s for his larger agenda and not for the sake of people’s health is highly alarming.

When Republican Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky questioned Fauci in the Senate earlier this year he got Fauci to admit that his job isn’t to write policy, that’s the job of lawmakers. Fauci agreed: his job was just to give the facts, he said.

It’s 100% clear Fauci is not just giving facts and is serving an agenda. With over 330,000 Americans now dead from COVID and COVID-related illness it is the highest priority that public officials tell the truth.

We are constantly hearing from the mainstream media and public health officials about how serious and deadly COVID is, yet they continue to make it clear that lying in reports and public statements is no big deal.

So, which is it?

Are they lying about how COVID works and the effectiveness of the vaccine or do they just not care? Neither answer is reassuring at all.