Doctor Blows the Whistle on Far Left Extremism in Leading Medical Organization

The far-left woke ideology is creeping into almost every area of America. Its cultural Marxist beliefs are the opposite of the Founding Fathers and the result is many very scary things are beginning to happen.

Wokeness believes in “equity,” which means forcing equal outcomes to take down the power of traditionally privileged groups like white people or men.

In the field of surgery, a surgeon is now blowing the whistle about how the field is being taken over by left-wing extremists.

Surgery is ‘Racist’?

Dr. Richard Bosshardt is coming forward about his struggles against the new extremism.

As a leading plastic surgeon, he was concerned when he saw the American College of Surgeons (ACS) pushing critical race theory on surgeons. The mission of ACS was supposed to be “promoting excellence” and knowledge to surgeons.

Instead, Bosshardt watched with surprise when ACS started going down the woke path several years ago and saying surgery is full of racism. They also said black people should only be operated on by black surgeons and so on.

He found this odd, believing surgery is for all people; the skin tone of the surgeon or patient shouldn’t play a role.

Bosshardt made this point in ACS discussion forums. As a result, he was booted and banned from interacting with any ACS members or posting in their forums. He recently went on Tucker Carlson to discuss this bizarre situation.

What About ‘Skill’ and ‘Trust’?

As Bosshardt said, for him, “skill” and “trust” are the basis of any good medical service. If you don’t trust your surgeon and your surgeon is not skilled at his or her job, you’re in big trouble!

This seems obvious, but the ACS didn’t agree. As Bosshardt explains, they basically had a civil war internally where the ACS accused themselves of being racist for not having more black surgeons.

They went down the critical race theory rabbit hole of saying skin tone should be a priority, rather than skill. How insane is that?

Surgery or ‘Ideology’?

Bosshardt has made this issue very clear. It’s an issue that’s coming out in more and more fields now.

Will the ACS go back to focusing on surgery and hiring the best people or will it continue to promote this race-obsessed CRT nonsense that is dividing people and ruining the field?

We can see how pilots and many other fields of work are also being infected by CRT. They are beginning to experience more and more problems as they relegate skill and training to the background to prioritize skin tone and “marginal identity.”

Wokeness is far from just some annoying and silly ideology. It’s a race obsession of judging people by their skin color in terms of who to give jobs to. If you’re a patient or a passenger, it can get you killed by people who shouldn’t be in the job they’re in, based on competence.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.